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Chicken wing warning

Discussion in 'Rugby League Forum' started by Berkeley_Eagle, Apr 9, 2008.

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    Chicken wing warning

    By Dean Ritchie | April 09, 2008
    MANLY forward Anthony Watmough yesterday warned Melbourne against employing their 'chicken wing' tactic this Friday night, declaring: "You don't want people ripping and tearing the limbs of a player on purpose". The Sea Eagles are preparing for the grand final replay at Olympic Park aware of the Storm's illegal wrestling ploys. The Daily Telegraph understands Manly will retaliate if Melbourne use any of their controversial tackling moves.
    Melbourne forward Adam Blair last week became the first player charged by the NRL match review committee for using a 'chicken wing' tackle on Brisbane's Michael Ennis.
    "It's not in the spirit of the game,'' Watmough said. "It is a contact sport but you'd want that stamped out of the game. You don't want people ripping and tearing the limbs of a player. Things in footy happen but I hope they don't happen on purpose.''
    While admitting he had not yet been the victim of a 'chicken wing' tackle, Watmough conceded he was grapple tackled by then Storm player Danny Williams several years ago.
    "It was one of the worst things in my life,'' he said. "My neck bent that far around. I thought it was about to break.''
    Sea Eagles prop Jason King said the NRL was starting to clamp down on any illegal wrestling tackles. "The officials are aware of it and if anything is done, I'm sure we will get a penalty,'' King said.
    "You also don't want to see your team-mates get injured.'' Team-mate Luke Williamson added: "It's not part of the game.''

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