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Discussion in 'Rugby League Forum' started by Dan, Aug 9, 2014.

  1. Dan

    Dan Kim Jong Dan Staff Member Administrator 2016 Tipping Competitor 2017 Tipping Competitor

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    Surprised people are saying chez was good tonight. I would say this was one of his worst games all season.

    He didn't have any room move which limited his options and really made him panic.

    They played chez out of the game.

    Besides being played out of the game his passing game was horrible tonight. He was throwing it too high and not going near the chest.

    I'm fine with it is rather lose to Souths now than in a couple of weeks.

    But it showed where we need to do work, every big tram will rush in on dce now which opens up great opportunities for ferris and Lyon to sniff around.
    I'd be looking at a play that has Foz wandering around lost on the right to get the ball and get in behind the right edge defense
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    • HappilyManly

      HappilyManly MWTS Premium Member 2017 Tipping Competitor

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      Sid was being crowded on the RHS all night. :s

      The Falcon hit Horo who should have been on the LHS of the field. Sid was not expecting a forward to be between he and the winger.

      I understand that Tommy had to fill in for Matai on the LHS, but Horo's lines when he is over on the right are hopeless.

      In the second half we had Sid, Foz and Killer shoulder to shoulder - none of them had room to move. What was that game plan about :huh:

      The only decent break we made was on the LHS, and we never went back there again :huh:

      Sids 40/20 was amazing - then deliberately kyboshed by the Souths ballboy - investigation is overdue :mad:

      I thought that Foz was quiet, probably that flu caught up with him.
      In the warm up, poor Matai looked feverish and was constantly wiping his nose. :angel:

      At least Manly now have 10 days to lick their wounds and regroup :)
    • RiverEagle

      RiverEagle New Member

      +1,055 /0
      I agree with you both.

      Not a good night for Chez, but losing Skivi and the plan to go right really didn't pan out.

      And their mob were up for it more than us, let's be honest.

      I think Chez, once in a long while, gets the "panics" and overplays things (or tries too hard to save the day) but I can forgive that.

      It comes off far more often these days; and that audacious 40/20 on the last tackle mind you, was special.

      Cheeky ball boy yes, but I'd hope ours would do it at Brookie too!

      As I've said, a try to make it 12-10 and we'd have become confident (they'd have got nervous) and quite likely Chez would've pulled off a party-trick or two.

      We'll be right!
    • bob dylan

      bob dylan Well-Known Member Premium Member 2017 Tipping Competitor

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      Yeah some had him in their 3-2-1 amazes me, but we all see it different.
    • Technical Coach

      Technical Coach Well-Known Member

      +1,135 /80
      Not going to knock a bloke that was trying--- yes trying too hard to create something when we were lacking in so many other areas.

      Manly have become a defence that contains and is not aggressive and go forward that lacks punch without a speedy play the ball.

      Not enough straight hard running with too much skip side step shuffle go forward, and the defence is not forcing errors or slow play the balls with dominant tackles like the past.

      Dessie i felt had a squad that was over-sized in the wrong type of body structures and overly aggressive but now i fear we have gone too much the other way.

      Nearly every loss this year has been due to the forwards where in the past our attack did not take advantage of our dominant forward physicality.

      Tooves will continue to use the "slow play the balls" line after every loss but sometimes you have to earn the right to a quick play the ball and not just allow the interpretation of the rules to be applied in your favour or even applied correctly.
    • Brissie Kid

      Brissie Kid Well-Known Member

      +1,176 /19
      Sorry but that is a crock. It may be true but take that rubbish logic and officiating out of the game and Manly win every game they play as they have a team of rugby league footballers under a coach that lets them play footy, not a team coached to be WWE wrestlers mixed with sooks, grubs and milkers.
    • Technical Coach

      Technical Coach Well-Known Member

      +1,135 /80
      Rugby League has always been a game based around "rule interpretations" the more you make it obvious you deserve a quick play the ball the more you will win.

      Manly have wrestled as well as anyone in the past the difference being we did not just rely on it to generate slow play the balls, we actually dominated in tackles and deserved more latitude.

      You want touch football go back to watching Super League.
    • Chip and Chase

      Chip and Chase True Supporter Staff Member Administrator Premium Member 2017 Tipping Competitor

      +8,599 /80
      Defintely not his best passing game by any stretch, passes were too flat. I thought his running game wasn't too bad last night though. Foz was very quiet last night which didn't help matters either.
    • bob dylan

      bob dylan Well-Known Member Premium Member 2017 Tipping Competitor

      +6,440 /192
      His game was stifled because, from what I could see, the 10 metres was only 7 metres. While ever that's allowed we will struggle against the likes of the Souffs and the Dogs.
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      • Fluffy

        Fluffy Well-Known Member

        +5,623 /204
        I am sure Foz was crook as last night, wasn't even sure he played tbh.

        So that left DCE to do everything and 1 playmaker is easy to shutdown. Add to that all the unforced errors and we were on a hiding to nothing
      • mickqld

        mickqld Sack Greenslime 2017 Tipping Competitor

        +5,250 /109
        I thought we had gone back to the 70's as i'm sure it was a 5 meter rule last night but then again it was only one side that was allowed it. Bit hard for a half or any attack to fire when the defense is allowed that lattitude.

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