Cheech's player ratings...

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Cheech's player ratings...


Stewart - 7.5 This kid just gets better, scored the winning try and brave in defence. What about the pickup near the line with Slater chasing him?
Creary - 6 A bit quiet, but still some good defence and a couple of decent forays.
Mattai - 7.5 I thought he was fantastic. Tough in defence and keen to take some dummy half runs. IMO should partner Hill next game
Stephenson - 7 His best game all year, but for some reason cannot seem to break the line. Reminds me of a young Danny Moore.
Donald - 6 Hardly got the ball, and thus, difficult to rate. Thats OK though as I like this guy. Pace to burn.
Witt -7 Best defencive 5/8 at Brookie since, well,... I dunno. Cleverly setup Hecks try and had a decisive role in Stewart's. Will get better working with Monas. Great goalkicker, but general kicking needs working on. Thanx Smithy!!!
Monas - 7.5 Not his best game this year, but very much in the Toovey mould of inspirational captains. Setup another try and kicked the vital field goal.
Kennedy - 8 Was a bit sceptical when we bought this guy. Not any more. Great 'leader' who inspires his teamates. Any coincidence that Watmough is playing so well?
Menzies - 8 Back in the number 11 and rolling back the years. Has there ever been a tackler with better technique? Cant split him and Cliffy for my fav Eagles player of all time. A gentleman of the game and a Manly legend.
Watmough - 9 Outstanding in defence and attack. Definately MOTM. Will get some sort of REP jersey this year.
Hecks - 8 Another solid display from our underated hero. Scored the first try, and defended with gusto. IMO, should not make way for King.
Randall - 7.5 Was I mistaken or did he only play for the first 1/2 hour? Played a blinder in that time, probably the best I have ever seen him play.
Kite - 7 Couple of errors, but I like what he brings to the team, size and mobility. A see a couple of people are bagging him, but his form will improve.
Dunley - 8. Well he surprised me. Didn't like how he would come into the game and start the niggle, but, what an impact he has. Very hard to keep him out of the starting lineup, but methinks Dessie is using him and Randall perfectly.
Lu Lu - 7 The monster, he is our hit man. Some good hits and solid runs today.
Willo - 6 Honest performer, solid with nothing special.
Harris 6 . Only seems to get used sparingly. I still rate him, but doesn't seem to do enough when he gets game time.

Some Points:

* Top of the ladder after 4 rounds.
* Defence is our strong point.I'm sure we were all sick of our non existent goal line defence for the last few years. The reason? Commitment. Kudo's for the Eagles recruitment team in luring Ben Kennedy to the Eagle's nest. This guy has brought the 'never say die' attitude showing incredible guts and determination each time he takes the field. Probably should not have played yesterday..
* King will have a tough time getting back into the first 17. IMO Hecks, Kite and LuLu are ahead of him.
* Great debut by Mattai. How old is he? Look, he was thust into 1st grade after a couple of games in the reggies, and played like a veteran.
* Back by next game: King, Stewart, Hicks, Hill, Alberts. Looking better depth wise eh?
* Good crowd, 15,400 odd. I mean, I should have gone down yesterday, but decided to kick back at home and watch on Fox. I honestly haven't been down to Brookie for around 5 years, its a disgrace I know, and will be rectified.

Well done to the Mighty Eagles, I am one happy fan at the moment. Not just because we are to of the table, (Yeah, yeah only 3 rounds), but because we are finally playing with passion and heart, something not seen since the glory days of the mid 90's...


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Cheech's player ratings...

matai is 20.

a great performance


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Cheech's player ratings...

Cheech I'm with you on virtually every rating there. The only one I'd score a little higher would be Harris. Definetely his best game of the year and he came on in those last 15 minutes and made what I thought were some very telling runs to get us out of trouble and worked the house down in defence.

I'd been dissapointed with him in the first few games but I thought his contribution yesterday was telling. So much so that I don't know who should get dropped to accomodate the return of King and/or Stewart. They might need to play PL for a while.

It's great to see Heckenberg's efforts getting a mention in the press too. Well deserved.

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