Channel 9 - hitting the bottom of the barrell

Winging it
It is only a small thing in the big scheme of life - but has anyone been watching the morning shows on tv?

The channel 7 team has had the thumbs down from most posters here (Mel copped a bagging) but the reality is that channel 9 has lost huge audience share to the Kochie team and are in the middle of a huge revamp to recapture the market.

They have a new format where some young dork, who looks like he visited Paul Hogan's facial therapist, goes from 6 to 7 and then at 7 it is back to the basic formula of Tracy Grimshaw and her new sidekick Karl (elder Steve is off fishing with a thank you note from the network). The fantastic transformation on 9 is that they have moved from a regular studio to filming in the kitchen! That's right - in a damn kitchen. There's Trace and Karl enjoying a cuppa with a carefully placed platter of fruit on the table surrounded by an oven, microwave and fridge - trying to get all chatty like they are with us at brekie. They both look like ducks at the start of hunting season - nervous and out of place.

It is either the real Ch 9 kitchen or, even worse, some total dipstick designed the set. Packer has a real pack of losers working for him. :roll:
Journey Man
I can't stand the nauseating "chattiness" of Sunrise. But I can see that it obviously goes down with the unwashed herd. "Kochie" (not the pet name that gets foisted on us) is a rambling idiot but he pontificates on the red neck issue as well as a Jones or a Laws.

It appears as though the Today show are moving away from any hint of seriousness to the same kind of waffly "light hearted" nonsense that is rating well on Seven.

For mine it's easier to keep the television off in the mornings and listen to the ABC news on the radio. I can't stand waking up to girly giggles and small talk.

What Nine should be doing is trying to differentiate themselves rather than be a copy cat. Dumping Grimshaw and making use of the immense talent of Ellen Fanning would be a good place to start.
Everyone should be watching the Simpson's and Seinfeld on Fox before watching these two shows.

Nothing like waking up to Jerry. :)
Journey Man
i dont have time for TV in the morning so it makes no difference to me.

You could have the nanny and pauline hanson hosting for all i care
UFO Hunter
I get home from work to see sunrise's last 15 minutes or so. I don't think its that bad. What we need is a Full Frontal or skithouse that runs that time of the morning. Nothing like a good laugh to get you heading in the right dirrection.
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I listen to the Big Sports breakfast on 2KY, the TV doesn't even get turned on.
My 3 boys of the run of the TV in the morning. Usually Cartoon Network, Disney Chanel or a kids video :?
Journey Man
[blockquote ain't no terry randall"]My 3 boys of the run of the TV in the morning. Usually Cartoon Network, Disney Chanel or a kids video :?[/blockquote] We have a second TV in the bedroom to solve that problem.

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