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well after everyone played so well it is hard to make changes but here i go.

creary out hicks in
steppa out matai in (obviously hill back as well)
king should play reserve grade for the rest of his career
harris off the bench stewart on

whats everyones thoughts.


It's obviously tough to change a winning side. The first is a definite, as much as I like Creary, Hicks has to be there. I was very impressed with Matai, but Steppa also had a strong game. It's a tough one, very tough, and I'll need time to ponder that decision.

I believe King will have to start in PL for awhile, until an injury or poor form hits one of the others (which obviously we don't want to happen).
I thought Harris went well against the Storm, so I'd keep him there for now, and see how Stewart goes in Reserves for awhile.

Maybe Williamson may have to make way for either King or Stewart. Moreso Stewart because of his versatility.


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It is hard to believe we have forward depth and can talk about Willo missing out. Finally a pack of hard working tacklers dominating the opposition. I hope I don't wake up.


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I agree with vegas that King should not be a walk up start to the side. It's unfair on whoever gets dropped to accommodate him.

He was poor against the Warriors.


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King was injured ealy in the match v NZ so don't judge his form to harshly but I agree a start in PL would be the go to let him find his feet.


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King made 73 metres against the warriors and the majority early. He slipped under the radar. Hardly a poor performance. He needs game time - last year he got better with each game.

No way can you drop Steppa for mattai.

Matai's stats look good, esp for a debut but he was given a lot of ball especially by orford. After all that Steppa still had more metres - Explain how you can drop a guy that takes it upon himself to come in and make 119 metres when his side of teh field had a very quiet day. He should have had about 40 metres.

Also remeber Steppa scored on Debut and looked good, then took some time to settle.

Matai would also have to learn a new partner in Hicks.

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