centre spot...


Ok.. Bell obviously has one.. but the other one is up in the air. Im still not convinced with Matai.. hes just a nz version of Dunley.. cant tackle.. give away soft penalties with wasteful aggression.

Id like to see Wes Dalton i think his name is from PL... hes pretty big and mobile for a centre.. he impressed me a few weeks ago and scored a hatrick against Newtown this week.

Worth a shot? what does anyone else think? How old is he?


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need to see more of the guys in PL, hardly convinced after 1 showing against the Jets!!!! Meaney is a better option imo but he probably wont be blooded till next season.


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Matai can definely improve ,he still young & has been getting better ,I would still pick him anyday over Steppa.But comparing him with Dunley is a bit rough ,Dunley is all the things u mentioned plus he is a 30 yr old has been ,I strongly think Matai can improve his game a ton ,just by watching & learning from Bell.I bet he will be indespensible to the team by round 12..


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None of the outside backs in Premier League have shown the consistency to
indicate they are genuine first grade contenders.

Meaney was ok last week, but does not perform to that standard regularly.

Quite frankly we are in big trouble with our depth in the centres. If you drop Matai we have no one to replace him, given the reluctance to put Hicks in the centre.

Stephenson was not impressive in the lower grade last week in the centres. One would have thought against poorer opposition he would have stood out. He didn't. It is obvious he is better suited to the wing.

The most impressive Premier League players have been Lennon, Witt and Styles.

Maybe Lennon could play centre. He is enormously underated.

Styles was a centre until recently. Interesting option. Trouble is he only comes off the bench in Premiers.

If we don't get Lyon next year we will have to find someone else, as the cupboard is bare.

This year, if Matai doesn't make it, I see no other option than moving Hicks to centre, despite his reluctance.


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Lennon was woeful in the trials


so noone likes the look of the Dalton fella? each time ive seen him hes performed pretty well. Hes got good size too. If he is still young.. could turn out to be a good player.

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Newtowns right had defence was abismal. Given Steppa was playing on the other side of the field you really cant judge his performance based on 1 PL game.

I think everyone would agree Steppa is more suited to the wing, however his centre performances this year have not been that bad. His defence does not seem to be the liability is was last season, and would be a solid but not spectacular replacement to cover injuries/suspensions (I have no doubt Matai will be before the judiciary at some point this season).

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Matai's defense was better today though he made one poor decision that cost a try. Saved a few with good hits. Hopefully he improves.

Isn't it good to have a centre of Bell's class???


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Matai has improved tenfold, the big hits he makes are finally being completed. I see good things coming our way


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Na you're right, probably not. Sometimes good but not consistent.

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