Cate Blanchett gets best supporting Oscar

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Journey Man
Obviously a get square for her getting dudded by Paltrow.

I guess that means that Natalie Portman is now owed one. She was outstanding in Closer and should have won.
Well done, cate. Haven't seen the movie so I don't know whether she is good or bad. Although I have been told is was more of cameo than a supporting role. However the flick goes for 3 hours therefore she could have been in it for an hour or so. :? :roll: :wink:
Im with Mata on this!!!

I am glad a Aussie won but Portman was outstanding in closer and did deserve to win.
Plus Natalie Portman is hot!

she is beautiful!!!!

I had no idea what Closer was about when I went to see it, all I knew was Portman was in it. That was enough to get me into the cinema.
Same here, Portman is a stunner, and that was half the reason I saw it. Not a bad show, it was different, scene of the movie was the internet conversation, bloody hilarious!
LOL flip... so true... weedy little bugger

Anyways... Portman is hot (very much so... in that smooth skin want to corrupt her type of way... YUM) and she played a good role... but... there was something lacking in it. When you see the play done the character tends to have more grittiness. She is meant to be a stripper after all.

Cate was owed for elizabeth... Paltrow just plain old can't act. From what I can tell, being a fan of Kathrine Hepburn, Cate did damn well.. got all the nuances right, which is not an easy thing as Hepburn is such a legend.

I think it went the right way for Cate... much tougher role and spot on with the acting.

But that's just me.
Which comment?

Natalie Portman as a stripper??

Get a bit more meat on her and she'd drive me wild...
I feel as though I could snap Keira in half...

Jolie is looking alot better after the breakup with Billy Bob... she was skanky... but now... she's rather glam! LOL But that is what hollywood is for - changing your spots.

I guess I like my chicks with CURVES

No little girls for me!! LOL ;)
dont have high standards, she just scares me :O But she has improved her dress and overall look in the last few years I must admit.
Cant say i have much time for that keira chick. Way too skinny for me.

I mean it comes down to physics there no room for little fluffy to hide.
I can imagine Jolie would be exciting... I like a challenge!! LOL

But... been out with a few models... both male and female. Normally they are very self-centered and are terrible in bed... reckon they can do a starfish impression and you'd be soooooooo grateful cause they look pretty. But then... I doubt all of the beautiful people are like that...

Noticed you like foodoobadas fluff... I mean, you are going out with me! LOL

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