Carolina Panthers


Sorry, there's another team just as good (or bad to be more precise).

The Cleveland Browns.

We may well be both waiting a VERY long time to see either team as SuperBowl winners!


Yes @lsz

When I 1st got hooked on the NFL in the late '80's the Browns were doing OK, and I liked the way they played.

I looked into their history as well, and soon they were my team, for better or worse!

It will be interesting to see how Johnny's transition to the pro-ranks goes, but I was definitely glad when we drafted him.

Lotta pressure for a young guy, but one hell of a talent, for sure!


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We can not be anyworse!

I got involved when they had Vinny T in the team


Oh yes, good old Vinny!

Names like Bernie Kosar and Webster Slaughter (what a name for a running!)

And Clay Matthews was a fave too.

Last year we lost quite a few narrowly.

With a bit of luck we'll win a few more this season mate.


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My worry is that we seem to have a clear out at the end of every season and start from scratch again!


lsz said:
My worry is that we seem to have a clear out at the end of every season and start from scratch again!

Including our head coach (who lasted barely a year into a 4 yr contract) this time.

Surely one day all the wholesale changes will strike paydirt!


lsz said:
My worry is that we seem to have a clear out at the end of every season and start from scratch again!

Well our Browns have just had a good hit-out, and pretty impressive win mate.

33-13 over the Chicago Bears.

YES it's only the preseason; and yes many are sayin' the Bears are shyte.

Any win's still a win.
AND a positive in my opinion!


Yeah......Just prove yourself in the big show before doin' cheesy commercials (Johnny).

Sorry @lsz

That's premature and just askin' for even more abuse, and pressure, than he's already got.

Just focus on the football Johnny.


Couldn't sleep as usual so got up at 4am and NFL-Countdown was on.

FoxSports have gone from one extreme to the other this year!

Rather than showing 1 or 2 full-games, they're showing a few mins of EVERY game in progress now. (It's OK to a degree, but I can easily see the detractors who will say they want to watch a full game unimpeded).

On a positive, U do get a taste of all teams (some semblance of equality for fans), often highlights (touch-downs, FG's or impressive-drives etc.) AND, best of the lot, my Browns won with a field-goal literally with 3 seconds on-the-clock, over the New Orleans Saints (Sorry,

26-24 (and we lost half-a-dozen in that same frustrating fashion last year)


This week, the Browns blew a solid lead to lose 21-23 (against the Ravens).

Hoyer continues to be solid, even impressive at quarter-back.

It's our defence that needs to step-up and be tweaked.

I hope we don't lose like this again in the next few.

Confidence will drop; criticism will rise rapidly.

"Same old Browns" will get sung again!


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I just get the feeling that the Panthers, namely Cam Newton, is going to torch my Packers this week. It doesn't help that Cam seems to be getting healthy and the Packers secondary has been destroyed by injury. I'm feeling a 300+ yard game through the air and 100+ on the ground with about 4-5 Total TD for Cam alone. Only hope GB has is that Aaron pulls a rabbit out of his hat and puts up bigger numbers.

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