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Captains King and Lyon's roles moving forward

Discussion in 'Rugby League Forum' started by Mal Cochrane, Oct 9, 2011.

  1. Mal Cochrane

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    In case the last few days is putting a disease of discontent within the playing ranks, King is manly through and through and would guess he will be Manly until the end of his days. As for Lyon, maybe he doesn't feel the same loyalty as King, guessing due to his loyalty more to Cleal and Hasler, rather than the club.

    I hope that King is talking to Lyon about his position, whether he sees himself at manly for a couple more years, or whether he is looking for an out after 2012 when Cleal goes.

    Fingers crossed Lyon stays on board and plays out his days at manly, but either way, King is the glue to make sure any player isn't damaging the future of this team by spreading disharmony and talk of leaving due to all that has happened. I hope he is getting players on board to stay true and resilient like Watmough, Matai, Kite, Ballin etc, who could keep the team positive about staying together. Obviously players come and go for all clubs, but I'd hate, and sure King would hate to see current (stewart bros) & future (Foran/DCE/TREX) stars leave this club because of all of this. I get a feeling Des has helped build up some players anomosity against the club.

    King is a smart cookie, who despite all this crap would have the jersey colours at heart. I hope that he is getting a feeling of players thoughts and putting a positive spin on their futures at the club, with hopefully Toovey, or a bloody good coach taking over.

    If certain senior players put a disease through the club with talk about leaving because of their dislike for the place now, it won't help team harmony and keeping some young stars.

    King is a deserved captain of this club, and a true manly junior who bleeds for this club. I think he will be doing all he can to ensure player discontent won't get out of hand. I see a lot of what transpires with our current squad in the future starts with him doing the best he possibly can.

    i fear if some senior players like Lyon and Stewart bros walk after next year, their reasons may be impressionable on our younger stars.

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