Can We Win Away games at night?

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Two big night games against fancied teams, high expectations and crushing losses.

We have played some good footy at Brookvale and our first round effort against the Warriors was good. We can't call ourselves the real deal until we can start being competitive in the big night games.

Next test: Parra Stadium in three weekend's time.
I'm sure that we're all pissed & all upset, but we have to accept that most of these guys are either young or mid twnties & not used to big occasions. Time brings experience & if we lose these games now & maybe for the next couple of months, that doesn't mean we'll lose them in September. They'll learn to cope, don't worry. Who cares if we dont finish in the top four? By the time the finals rock around, hopefully they'll get their s..t together. Remember, we've gone from last to first in 12 months, I'm sure we can go from 4th to first in five!
Keep the faith!
I don't believe the night thing, it's coincidental. Are you tell me that when you're half an hour into a game, you're feeling differently about the conditions?
I don't believe the night thing, it's coincidental. Are you tell me that when you're half an hour into a game, you're feeling differently about the conditions?

Maybe not half hout in but the big night games can build atmosphere and expectation and in that case it onlt takes the first thrity to loose your chance. perhaps we need to train under lights more with the backs but the frwards just need the game time.
F@(k training under lights, well I guess that too, but we need to play under lights. The club can arrange some Saturday night games at Brooky if they're fair dincum about getting the lads up for the big ones.
Everyone needs to help here, not just the players & coaching staff. The club needs to give them experience under lights & 17,000 of us need to turn up to watch it so they'll do it again.
Everyone says that the lights at Brooky aren't good enough but that hasn't stopped us playing night games there for twenty years that I can remember. Just not enough of them.
Bigger issue is that Manly has to hire lights for Friday night footy as the ones there don't do the job - we need better lights.

We have lost at night as the majority of the last nine have been against better teams - with the exception of Souths last year at Brookie.

Roosters at home, Raiders, Dragons, Panthers, Sharks etc away are hard asks and we haven't had the teams to do it.

Last night game we won was against the Cowboys in Round 1 last year - and that was a miracle comeback from behind by over 20!!!!
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It would be good to play at home with some backing and confidence - it will be become a major psychological issue soon.

Maybe it worth sending some emails to those that count about getting the lighting upgrade. I seem to recall the club announcing it was in the plans for mid this year
I was dissapointed hearing Kennedy say that it's a night thing, if the players start believing it, it will definitely become a big issue.

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