Can we beat the Tigers??

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Good news for us is that BK is available and will be playing. Like a few I felt that his injury at Leichhardt was the key difference leading to our loss.

However without Beaver and Bell in particular we have a challenge in facing the star studded Tigers Backline. They have been impressive in the last two weeks and we will need every bit of home ground advantage to get the points.

Can we win? Yes but this is no easy game and they are starting to hit their straps. The form of Choc and BK will be vital and our backs will have to defend well to be a chance. I am nervous about this one but will be there to cheer on the Maroon and White.
I think we should still get the points!!

It'll be tough no doubt but i think we can get one over them.. hope the boys fire up for the friday night game
From the vault,


What's up with Farah, looks like he spilt his kitty litter.


Your looking at six weeks.

Would like to see Watmough stick it to that cat again, the whole crowd will be behind him.
i reakon we will win - tigers dont have a good record at brookie over recent years - yes we have lost a few but we have some decent replacements.

last game at leichardt we almost got them playing with 16 men after losing our captain and best player after 10 minutes - surely at home with 17 we should be able to find 6 points
Sounding repetitious BUT if our backs hold a line and not rush up on Marshall then all will be well and we'll win. Melbourne presented challenges to us at Brookvale but we demolished them so can't see why Friday nite will be any different. Sure they're fast in the backline, but a steadfast defence can shut speed down. Our forwards are heaps better and will lay the platform for a good win.

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