Can we beat 14th places Warriors at home?

Hopefully a few heads rolling will shake them up a bit, and as long as they dont read too much into Kemp saying he will be slotting a few youngsters into the side and take the Warriors too easy.


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utility the problem is we keep saying stuff about not taking them easy but we have lost 10 matches,if we are taking people easy after that then the whole team should be sacked.


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Agreed. Theres no taking easy. atm were simply not good enough. Each game has to be treated like a grand final.

BK must be soooooo pissed off, with these girls.
That's what I meant if they play like their lives depend on it and we win half the team can have a spell for the last round. But if they are distracted by reports that the Warriors have nothing to play for and are putting young blokes in to give them a run we will be in big trouble. Your saying we cant take them easy, Im saying we cant take them easy now if the players can cross that mental bridge we should be ok. The fact that we keep losing proves they are slow learners


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distractions , this time of year should be nuffin but making the finals.i think if we lose this weekend we will miss because i think the roosters might win their last two games.broncos have a lot of injuries for friday night and then they play the dogs in the last round.


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I said that the Sharks were a serious threat because of the way they beat the Storm 3 weeks ago. The Warriors were VERY unlucky not to be leading the Knights about 22-0 at half time. If the Manly boys show up with double the effort this weekend they will probably still be trailing 18-0 at half time. I don't think we have a prayer. Only the Warriors inability to finish the last pass gives us any hope.


No. These cats have no passion, committment and basically just don't care about anything other than their bank balances.


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The odds at Centrebet for the Top 8 have Manly @ $1.33 to make it, then Panthers @ $5, and then Roosters and Dogs @ $6, Canberra $15.
Is it possible we will really get there?

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My main worry for this game is Jones. He has been in good form this season and for his last some of the big cats should lift (not including toopi). Faumuina scares me,a big unit at 5/8 with every skill you could want. If we let them offload all day we are in big trouble

Keep an eye on this big Gorilla Vatuvei on the wing,he is going to be something special

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Funny thing is often that sides can play really well when the pressure is off. They then play with flair and a sense of fun.

Position on the table and desperation only comes into it if it is close towards the end.

We need to start well and put them away early.
it has to be said.we are the worst team in the comp and have been for a while.

we will lose our last 2 and still make the semis then you will see the shortest price semi favourite in history re 1 v 8.very few manly fans will travel and on a bright sunny afternoon in woolongong a river of red and white fury will engulf our feline fools.

we should be preying we miss the 8.

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