Can They Lift?


Kennedy is a legend and there is no doubt that he is the heart and soul of this team.

But can the boys lift when he's not there?

On several occasions this season the team have had to play without him for a whole game, or even large portions of them.

In round 9 we played the Tigers. After 9 minutes we were down 10-0 and in the 10th minute we lost Kennedy for the remainder of the match. In the end we salvaged a bit of pride by going down, 24-18, with both sides scoring 4 tries. Stephenson was also controversially penalised late in that match for a play the ball.

Round 11 saw us play the Storm without four players, three of them being stars. Bell, King, Menzies and Kennedy all missed that match through origin or injury. Whilst the Storm also missed their stars, they still fielded a formidable line up. They have even proved that they can win without their stars, during their 11 game winning streak they had to lose a fab 4 (Inglis, King, Smith and Johnson) for two games due to the remaining origin fixtures. We won that match comfortably with a line up that would have you praying for mercy.

On Friday against the Knights, we missed Kennedy for large portions of the 2nd half. But the boys, against plenty of odds, managed to hold on for a gritty win.

I'm not sure if Kennedy has missed any other matches but if he has than feel free to mention them. But on these three occassions we have managed to improve against our opposition regardless of his absence. Can the boys lift without him? Next Sunday's match against Souths will give them a fair opportunity to learn.


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I think BK is imperative to this years success one way or the other, but I don't necessarilly think he is like an Andrew Johns to us like Johns is to Newcastle.

If Beaver and Choc are playing, I think we can still almost role anyone on the day. I mean BK is usually off for about 10-20 minutes a match anyway.

So yeah - I think we can lift against The Rabbits. My concern though, is that Leuluai / Choc might laso be missing.

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Beaver in the team makes a huge difference. His presence on Friday cleaned up so many little things, toughened up the defence and provided some good leadership. In the team he partially offsets the loss of BK.


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You can add the comeback against Penrith to your list. BK was off for the period after halftime when we scored three tries in 10 minutes to level it up. Beaver and Choc were injured and the other forwards were massive during that period.

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