Can the real Monas please stand up?


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Anyone who has read my posts over the last year will know that I have always been very supportive of Monas as halfback then as a skipper. He has been the best player on field during 2004 then instrumental in getting our side to the top in 2005 through great leadership, his vision in setting up tries and top defence. These qualities have made even the harshest critics eat humble pie. These critics have been within the club and supporters.

But now I must look closely at reality since the Rd7 souths clash Monas try assists skills have sadly gone missing. His grubber kicks would sit up within the in goal waiting for the many on running players to dive on to score yet another try. But sadly this hasnt happened since the Broncos game in Rd 8. His kicks have been rolling over the in goal with the downfield kicks and grubbers. The passing options havent been as visionary. But since then Michael Witt has began to play some great footy. This needs to be taken advantage off

Now the Monas faithfuls would like to think that the reason for the form slump is contract talk. If so that isnt good enough. Get on with the job.
But what the form slump has simply proven to me and maybe the detractors. Is how good Monas has been since his been Manly skipper. We simply dont score enough points when he isnt firing. We need him to fire. Thats why hes the half to produce try assists.

What disappoints me is the currently form slump gives fuel to the detractors. Who say that Monas is a hooker not a quality half. Ive never agreed with this. But sadly looking at Monas form over the last 4 rounds its becoming a reality.

Make these critics eat more humble pie.

Can the real Monas please stand up?
byso.i am probably his biggest detractor as a HALFBACK.his defence is rock solid and has a reasonable kicking game.makes for a perfect choice as opposed to his form coinciding with contract talk i think it coincides more with tough away games after a good run of home criticism has always been that i dont think he has the class to lead us around the park in tough matches and as such is not an option if we want to progress pass the "competitive" tag.he has courage,very good defence and never stops trying.admirable qualities all -but he simply lacks the class to be a top halfback.AND that is not a criticism as you cant coach class and you wont suddenly get it at 25.this is not a vendetta by us-i am simply looking at what we need to go forward and paying a lot of money for a good honest first grader is not the way.iin saying that i would love to see him in a number 9 jersey and i reckon there is every chance you will.
You probably are the biggest detractor and I respect that. At times you weren't giving him credit were it's due. But the last 3 weeks have been particularly poor on Monas standards imo. I expect him to re-sign then improve.

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