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Dan rang me up from the Stadium straight after the final whistle last night.

He was of the opinion that NSW would have gone better with Jye Mullane at halfback.

He wasn't drunk either.


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Victory is such a sweet thing. Even JC Kite couldn't get them home. Just proves that there's no such thing as a God.


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I am still of the opinion we would have gone better with Mullane or Monaghan in 5/8 and half rather than bumbling useless Anasta, and I don't rate my 5th tackle options so will get tackled on the 4th kimmorely.

****ing useless. Leanne was drunk as anything it was her first state of origin and she was cutting sick at everyone!

was a fun night though and great to see Brett scroe right in front of us


Anasta shouldn't have been there, but i thought Kimmorley was one of our best. Not many of the forwards stood up and he was left posted a number of times.
Never thought I'd be sticking up for Kimmorley??
What an awesome game from Brett. Mini's rep days should be over.


if he meant Mullane at 5/8 I would have to agree (although if anyone watched the club rugby on Saturday afternoon on the ABC they would have seen him get totally smashed running the ball across field).
Kimmorley was one of our best- good kicking game and his defence was tip top- he took plenty of hits for the team and it is just disappointing that he didn't have much help from that waste of space outside him.
Jamie Lyon is very lucky he didn't gift QLD a try Jarrod Hayne style when he threw that ridiculous ball to Cooper after running across field on our own line!
Did you see the bit in yesterdays Telegraph where Lyon set himself a "secret quota of touches" for the game

His lucky number must be 7


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Kimmorley one of our best, what game were you watching? the only player who stood up and fired up was willie mason, Anasta, Kimmorley, Simpson, Bailey and cooper have to go for game three, replace them with them with Gallen, Watmough move King into the centres put Brett Stewart on the wing when Minniciello returns have Bird and Orford as the halves combo and possibly Laffranchi on the bench. and sack Graham Murray for '08.


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The commentators crapped on about Kimmoreley's game because he chased his kicks well. He wasn't there to bloody well chase kicks, he's there to set up tries.

Kimmorely had 60% possession and 67% terriroty and didn't set up one bloody try.



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I read somewhere that the Blues had 56% of the possession. Penalties 4:1 and they still couldn't win. Baby stuff really. Games on Fox again at 6.00pm tonight. I'll be watching the blues ship sink once again, so sweet.

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