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Call him a dinosaur, but T-Rex won't change ways

Discussion in 'Sea Eagles' started by ManlyBacker, May 15, 2012.

By ManlyBacker on May 15, 2012 at 10:48 AM
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    NSW strike forward Tony Williams has no intention of curbing his aggressive tackling style after three judiciary charges in his last seven matches.

    Williams, who underwent a private fitness session at Centrebet Stadium after going into camp with the Blues squad at Penrith yesterday, has not played since Manly's round-three loss to Cronulla on March 19 due to a seven-match ban for a grade four dangerous throw.
    The 23-year-old Sea Eagles giant was also suspended for one match during last year's Four Nations tournament after a high tackle on England back-rower Ben Westwood and was charged over a high tackle on Brisbane winger Jharal Yow Yeh during the finals last year.

    With the loading from his previous two offences increasing the ban for the grade four lifting tackle on Sharks hooker Isaac De Gois from five matches to seven, Williams may effectively be rubbed out of the NRL if he continues to have judiciary problems.
    However, the Test star said he was unconcerned and intended to continue playing the same way that had prompted NSW coach Ricky Stuart to select him for his Origin debut despite not having played for nine weeks.
    ''I don't really know how it all works, I just play footy and I don't really worry about that stuff,'' he said. ''I just try to play hard and it is unfortunate and a bit unlucky how things sometimes end up.
    ''It is not something I mean to do, but footy is a tough game and I just try to play as hard as I can. I reckon they should change all that stuff with loading and carry-over points but that is up to them. I definitely won't be holding back in State of Origin.''
    Williams does not believe his tackle on De Gois warranted such a heavy suspension but he said the fear of receiving a 10-match ban and missing the entire Origin series if he unsuccessfully challenged the grading prompted him to plead guilty.
    As it was, he feared he had blown his chances of selection for Origin I and is grateful for the belief Stuart has shown in him. ''I set my goal to play every representative game and to play my best for my country, my state and my club so it killed me not to be able to play in the Anzac Test,'' Williams said.
    ''I was looking forward to that as well but Origin was something big I wanted to accomplish this year. I wasn't prepared to risk that so I took the early plea but I still had some fears that I wasn't going to make it this year.
    ''I personally don't think, and I know a few people who agree with me, that it wasn't worth the time I had out but that is all over now and I am looking to the future. I am stoked and very honoured to be a part of this and I am going to do my best for the team. There has been a lot of faith shown in me, and I am very happy and very blessed to be here. I want to try my best for the team and try to make a difference.''
    Despite his time on the sideline, Williams said he had trained hard under the guidance of Manly fitness guru Don Singe and would have no problems coping with the pace and intensity of Origin. ''It was like pre-season training and I reckon I am physically ready to play,'' he said.

    Read more: http://www.smh.com.au/rugby-league/league-news/call-him-a-dinosaur-but-trex-wont-change-ways-20120514-1yn54.html#ixzz1utXtRN6d

    AFTER a gut-busting 50 consecutive days of a torturous training program, Tony Williams has declared: "I'm ready to go."

    Big "T-Rex" is fit, fresh and pumped after a daily dose of 45-minute runs, short runs, boxing drills, agility work, ball work, weights, swimming, speed work, skills and hitting the tackling bags.
    The gruelling fitness program has convinced Blues coach Ricky Stuart to take one of the biggest gambles in Origin history by naming the rampaging Manly forward in his side for game one tomorrow week.
    Williams will not have played for nine weeks when he runs on to Etihad Stadium after completing his suspension for a dangerous throw on Sharks hooker Isaac De Gois.
    But the Manly training staff, including head strength and conditioning coach Don Singe and head physio Andre Rickenbach, have not been easy on him. And they have been in regular contact with Stuart to keep him up to date on the big man's progress.
    "I did all the team training with Manly and then had to come in on my days off," Williams said.
    "I was training about four to five hours (each session). It was tough.
    "It was like pre-season training. It had to be done because State of Origin was my goal.
    "There were times when I didn't want to do anymore but Don kept yelling at me. I felt like saying something to him but he would only have made me run more. It's been really frustrating because I haven't been injured. But I'm here now and I am happy."
    Singe's plan for Williams was simple.
    "Because he wasn't playing a game at the end of the week, T-Rex was placed on a pre-season training regime," Singe said. "The volume of running and high-performance work was double that of anyone else in the playing squad."
    Once described as lazy, Williams was unstoppable last year as he helped Manly claim the premiership and then won a place on the end-of-season Kangaroo tour.
    He is believed to be at the same level of fitness that he was after a full pre-season of training and will be explosive coming off the Blues bench.
    "I am ready, but it's one thing to say it and another to do it," Williams said.
    "I would rather do it than talk about it.
    "It is a big ask, I know that, but I will be out there doing my best. I want to make a difference. Ricky showed faith in me and I don't want to let him down.
    "I'm blessed and I want to thank God for helping me.
    "I just have to play my own game. I am more excited than anything else.
    "I've got a chance now. I won't be watching the game, I'll be playing in it."
    Stuart's constant talks with Singe were a huge help to him.
    "It was great to have line of communication open," Stuart said. "I spoke to Don about Tony's workload.
    "He will be a great asset to the team."
    Queensland assistant coach Michael Hagan is wary of Williams. "He has strength and aggression, qualities you need for State of Origin," Hagan said.
    Fit Williams ready to go
    Tony Williams thanked God for his selection in the NSW Origin side but admitted he would not have been there if not put through hell during his two-month suspension lay-off.
    As revealed on Sportal last week, the giant Manly forward underwent a tortuous fitness program, likened to a pre-season schedule, to ensure he was at peak fitness once his ban lifted.
    Training up to five days a week for five hours at a time, Williams simulated match conditions as he ran, tackled, passed and completed agility drills under Manly's head conditioner Don Singe.
    NSW coach Ricky Stuart kept in constant touch with Singe and Sea Eagles coach Geoff Toovey to gauge the 118kg giant's progress and was happy to take a selection gamble, satisfied Williams can handle the Origin heat.
    The T-Rex will unleash his massive frame on the Queenslanders in Melbourne on Wednesday week.
    "At times I couldn't run and he (Singe) was yelling at me. I felt like saying something but I couldn't because he would just make me run more," Williams said.
    "It was pretty much like pre-season training. I set myself a goal to get back (for Origin) and be ready to go.
    "I am blessed. I thank God for helping me."
    After meeting his NSW teammates in camp on Monday, Williams declared the time for talk was over after six straight series defeats.
    He believes he can play a part in ending the Maroons' dominance.
    "I am ready to go,'' Williams said.
    "I have the chance to make a difference to the team - not just watch it.
    "I think I can make an impact.
    "It is a big ask but I am looking forward to the challenge and want to do my best to help the boys win."
    Stuart expects quality rather than quantity from Williams, planning to use the big forward in short, explosive bursts off the bench.


Discussion in 'Sea Eagles' started by ManlyBacker, May 15, 2012.

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