Byso, where are you???

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Byso, you have been on a while now and havn't made a comment on the Orford signing.

Whats wrong? :dance:
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Yes he did and still does. What was more the issue was where people rated MM in the half-back stakes compared to those at other clubs.


Kim Jong Dan
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I told you on sunday byso.. dont hold your breath, you know what we are all like

P.S.Thanks for the card, slipped a few into strategic locations around North sydney
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I'm very happy we got Orford.

Not happy about Monas copping more crap. Weve got our man. Now start using some maturity. By not degrading the AE website to an all time low. In embarking on a campaign against Monas.
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no chance byso.

They are monas haters and wont tolerate his medocrity, however they love Witt who cant even rise to mediocrity
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Ah, the poodle has turned up this morning. Wag the tail for Monas Fluff. Not much longer you can do it.

How any 5/8th can show form when the half back on their inside keeps crowding them for room is beyond me. Whenever Monaghan takes a back seat and buts out, Witt shows some modicum of form.

(Eg the comeback against Penrith).
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crap mata - witt got the ball with all the time in the world a few times on the weekend. Stood still, scratched his head and waited to be tackled. Has been doing that a lot - did it in the fist half of the knights game, then monas decided to cut him out of the play for 20 minutes and we looked good.
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Nothing aginst monas byso, just the bitching he did for a while there. It appeared obviouse thround media reports that he didn't like the orford negotiations.

Mata hates him though.

Mata hates a lot of stuff.... even you and I.

I would too if i lived in outback NSW. ;)
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Hard to dissagree Fluffy, talk about kicking a bloke when he's down!

what a load of **** you blokes,he is getting a 1/4 mil to play footy ,if thats at hooker so be it , my god, you blokes carry on like he is a wounded fawn.if he is such a great manly man he will play hooker for the good of the team.

i have heard **** in my time but that is right up on the top shelf.
arthur beetson told the king to play 5/8 against his wishes.he copped it.if the king cops it then this bloke should beg to play hooker.
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Comparing Monas with Wally is like comparing the obligatory faeces sandwich with a gourmet smorgasboard at the Sheraton.
Team P W L PD Pts
3 3 0 35 6
3 3 0 32 6
2 2 0 29 6
3 2 1 14 4
2 1 1 5 4
3 2 1 2 4
3 2 1 0 4
3 2 1 -7 4
2 1 1 -8 4
3 1 2 1 2
3 1 2 -3 2
3 1 2 -9 2
3 1 2 -14 2
3 1 2 -22 2
3 1 2 -25 2
3 0 3 -12 0
3 0 3 -18 0
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