Burns signs with the Cows

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Jatz Crackers

First Grader
Burns A Cowboy
Thursday, June 7, 2007 - 2:38 PM

The North Queensland Toyota Cowboys announced today that Travis Burns had been signed to the club for the next 3 years.

A Queenslander, born in Texas, the talented five/eighth will come to the Cowboys from the Manly Sea Eagles. The 22 year old has played 46 games in the NRL and been in outstanding form this season.

North Queensland Toyota Cowboys CEO Peter Parr believes Travis is a great acquisition for 2008. “We are delighted that Travis has decided to play for the Toyota Cowboys. He is a very good footballer and a tough, tenacious competitor,” Parr said.

“Given his age, the position he plays and that he is from Queensland, I am sure he will be a wonderful asset for us.”

Burns is eager to take up his new appointment.

“I am excited about the prospects of the Cowboys in the future and am looking forward to playing outside Johnathan Thurston and Matt Bowen, I simply can’t wait,” Travis Burns said.

Source: NRL

Chip and Chase

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We'll get over it, he's a solid player but no world beater. Good luck to him but I'm not stressed, I'd rather see us tie up Ballin and Watmough long term.

Kiwi Eagle

Staff member
big mistake by the eagles......... Lyon is not a 5/8 and never will be.

Lyon will be a better 5/8 than Burns

Good luck to him, won't hold a grudge that he is leaving

Dont think we really ever stood a chance in this one, even if he was playing 5/8 for us fulltime this season, i think he may well have gone to team up with Thurston and further his rep honours in the future.


Journey Man
How is it Monaghan's fault?
Also, Monnas hasn't said he just can't wait to get out of here, and get to Warrington. He said there's a job to do here first, and wants a premiership ring on the way.

Monaghan 1 Burns 0

Jatz Crackers

First Grader
It begs the question about where do we financially sit in relation to recruitment. Anything other than a detailed closeup examination of tiered contract payements for Orford & Lyon, wont show were we stand.

This will hint of a Ryan post but :






With the increase in cap for 08 being $100k, we could roughly estimate the freeing up of approx $700k+ from last years outlay and that presumably we were cap compliant for 07.

A wild guess of upgrade value for Anthony & Brent might be say $50-$75 total

We would assume that its still premature to expect any upgrade in Ballins contract.

One could hazard a guess at the combined value of Perry & Riley at $320k

And who knows the staggered payment schedule for both Ox & Lyon, but im sure it doesnt equate to hundreds of thousands in the 08 year.

So, where are we headed for recruitment and cap in 08 and does everyone believe that we are actively recruiting outside the current drugcastle duo :?:


UFO Hunter
This is a big mistake.

I don't think Lyon is our answer at long term 5/8th.

Now if we lose a center (bell in about 2 years) or any time between we need to rely on turn style Neumann.


Reserve Grader
Now if we lose a center (bell in about 2 years) or any time between we need to rely on turn style Neumann.

The guy is what - 19yrs old, he has played 2 games and your writing him off already :wall:

Kiwi Eagle

Staff member
This is a big mistake.

I don't think Lyon is our answer at long term 5/8th.

Now if we lose a center (bell in about 2 years) or any time between we need to rely on turn style Neumann.

If Neumann isnt hung out to dry he will be fine. NBQ is solid and has never let us down also

Why panic about something happening 2 years from now, 2 years ago we didnt have Burns, Matai, G. Stewart, Robertson just to name a few who were considered NRL standard.


Journey Man
One game doesn't make him a turnstyle mate. He's actually a defencive centre. Remember, Fluffy said Neumann was calling Orford over who was the one out of position, and Fluffy was at the game, so I take that as testemant to what happenned.

I rate Neumann


Journey Man
Leaving will be:-

Williamson $150k
Dunley $150k
Monaghan $240k
Burns $150k
Cap Increase $100k

$790k to spend.

$200k upgrades.
$350k odd for Ma'a Nonu
$200k odd to keep in case people "all of a sudden" become available mid season.


Firstly, who or what is Ma'a Nonu.

Secondly, Stress less my friends.

Lyon is/will be twice the 5/8th Burns is/was. Can't blame Burns he will be made to look like a star outside Thurston and will prolly see him pulling on the maroon 6 in a few years time.

Ballin to play 80mins every game next year.. with Halden/Willo being our utility... no dramas here guys. Travis will help us win it this year and we'll go chugging for back to back wins next year :)

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