Burns, Monas and B Stewart


I'm changing my perceivement of Burns and Monas ability to feed the backline quality ball. Today on many occasions when the ball is let go out wide, it generally get's caught with G Stewart and to a lesser extent Watmough. I understand we play centre- a- side and play the 2nd rowers on the edge of each ruck, but it stifles the ball flow. I guess we persist until we gel more in attack or maybe the centre on the short side could occasionally when positionally able to, chime into the backline instead of the 2nd rower - when was the last time we've seen both centres in a backline movement? Maybe this type of play could be called a few times a game.

Something on Brett Stewart. Last year a few people thought and i agreed that he seemed lacklustre in running the ball back from kicks, and i think that has been improved since those comments were made. He is probably not NSW/Aust player yet, but he's going to get there.

If i could give him one extra skill, it would be take on a fullback with a step at pace when he breaks the line (eg: like Thurston/Bowen etc..). I feel when he breaks the line at times, his only weapon is to try and run "around" the fullback and beat him with sheer pace, however often this forces him somewhat sideways to get around the fullback, allowing the edge of the defence to come back and cut him off, if the sideline hasn't already. Players like Bowen, Hunt etc etc.. can sprint to the fullback and put on steps to wrong foot the fullback and continue on their way. Brett can step off the mark and sprint, we saw that aginst the rooters, but I'd like to see him take the fullback on WHEN IT'S THE BEST OPTION when he has split the defence instead of sucumbing to the defence when he realises he hasn't got the room to run around the defender.


What was your perceivement before ?

Are you saying that it's the halves fault for going to the 2nd rowers or the 2nd rowers fault for living in the backs ?

I agree that an at-speed step for Stewy would be good but that would make him pretty much the best fullback of the modern era. That would be nice but not something you can just expect. With Mini not seeming to be his old self I think Stewy may get a run in the sky blue. It all depends on where they play Hornby really.


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He's suggesting that he thought the poor flow of ball was because the halves weren't doing it adequately.

He is now revising it to the ball being held up by Stewart and Watmough.

I suppose their duty is to be out there as decoys and second men options. It would be right to assume that they haven't gelled yet, and that normally one of those wide running spots is taken by Menzies who DOES know when to pick the time to run and when to pass.

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Our centres very rarely seem to be given the ball at apce and hitting a gap, I don't know whether that is reality or just my perception


It's reality more than perceivement Wheel.

We haven't had a good deep V in attack for ten years. Not sure if it's just out of fasion or what, but it annoys me bygum, dagnabbit.


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When, or if, Menzies returns Stewart can stay in close and Menzies and/or Whatmough can run wide. Better option. Stewart is a couple of metres to slow and lateral.


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Stewart plays better one or two off the ruck. Not out in the centers.

To be honest, I hadn't noticed him play there in the previous 3 rounds. Perhaps that was Des' plan to bust the warriors out wide. Melbourne are always running second rowers out wide and that proved big against NZ the week prior. Maybe he was just copying. Anyhow, it probably didn't work the way it was meant too and I doubt we will see in again this week. All second rowers will be on deck to take it up the center of the field against the doggies.

I think once again this week the difference will be our fitness.

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