Burns may go

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Todays Manly Daily quotes Paul Cummings as sugggesting Burns should put himself on the open market to test his worth.

Burn's manager had tabled an offer to Manly, but the club feels it is too high. It appears the club has not made Burns an offer at this stage.

Article also says Manly are interested in Eels goal kicking centre Brett Delaney anf Dragon's Ben Creagh.
one can only feel they have someone else in mind for 5/8, someone who has been linked with the club many times and has played 5/8 a lot recently.
I suspect someone else is getting the Lyon share of their attention.
At least he is not having a cry like monas!
I hope he does stay, he has the same mongrel in him that Bozo and Toovey had - I like his style.
Cummings also said in the article of Burns"as far as we are concerned he's in our plans for 2007 and beyond".
So maybe they are playing 'hard ball' or just waiting to see what happens with Lyon.
yeah, they want to call the shots, unlike what has happened over the last few years, Good sign if thats the case.
I amsure they will have last crack at him no matter what else happens with other clubs.
It's a good way for him and the club to work out his true worth, they did the same with Donald when he re-signed after 2004 season.
I posted this @ MSE:-

No disrespect guys, but I'd like to see which players below would have to make way for Burns? He fits well into our style of play. If we could get Lyon / Bell in the centres, we'll be ruthless. Matai on the wing.

Sharks - Dykes / Kimmorley
Titans - Campbell / Prince
Roosters - Anasta / Finch / Soward
Penrith - Lewis / Gower - they are chasing Lyon for this;
NZ - Ropati / Fien / Rovelli
Souths - Sutton / Walker / Champion
Nth Qld - Thurston / Firman / Smith
Dragons - Gasnier / Head
Canberra - Smith / Withers / Karney / Zillman / Campese
Melbourne - Hill / Cronk / Geyer
Parramatta - Morris / J Smith / T Smith
Manly - Burns / potentially Lyon / Orford
Bulldogs - Holdsworth / Hughes / Matua / Sherwin
Newcastle - Gidley / Mullen / Johns
Tigers - Marshall / Elford / Farrah potentially) with Halatau to Hooker
Broncos - Lockyer / Seymour / Perry (keeping Seymour in PL)

I know he's doing this for extra money, and fair enough, but I think his brightest prospect are here, at Manly. I'd hate to see him go the same way as Jye Mullane, Sam Harris & co.

I for one coming from the beach, would not think twice about remaining on the beach rather than playing for Wests. The thought is just nausiating....ask Sam Harris about his experience.
Ther ehave been a few players that have gone into oblivion after leavig the Eagles, Ron Gibbs, Dale Shearer, Handbag Harris etc.

You would think Souths, Tigers, Raiders & Penrith would be interested
as long as it doesnt turn into another monaghan situation with all the freaks carrying on like hes a combination of Toovey and Menzies reincarnated and tghe club needs to show him incredible loyalty after 10 first grade games.

Yes he has plenty of promise, but as we know Promise doesnt always deliver.
People forget his lack of attacking flare, and penalties given. I like the guy, and want him to stay if Lyon comes. Lyon / Bell in the centres is just crazy (in a good way)!!!
I just don't think he's worth what people are saying about him. The reason people are going nutty, is because we haven't had a 5/8 in about 5 years, so he is a cut above as soon as he straps on a boot.

Don't doubt Lyon, Wells or dare I say even Cherry could do just as well...
Team P W L PD Pts
9 8 1 116 18
9 7 2 72 16
9 7 2 49 16
11 7 4 59 14
9 6 3 57 14
10 6 4 -10 14
10 6 4 115 12
10 5 5 -56 12
11 5 5 30 11
10 4 6 15 10
10 5 5 -13 10
10 4 6 -18 8
9 3 6 -71 8
10 3 6 -9 7
9 2 7 -69 6
9 2 7 -87 6
9 1 8 -180 4
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