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I've been reading a few columns this morning and looking a bit into the hype surrounding this match and I'm kind of struggling to understand where its coming from. I want to take a look at the Bulldogs for a second.

In round 1, they went down to the knights. They looked certain to win despite having Williams off the field. But, they fell to pieces. Whether newcastle just took some time to find rhythm without john's I can't say but it was far from a 'good' performance by the doggies.

Then, in round 2, they travel out to Penrith where they were absolutely pumped. There is no other way to describe how badly they played. The worst performance by a team this year, including the dragons loss last week to cronulla.

In round 3 they get their first game at home. In a somewhat messy encounter similar in stature to the game between penrith and parra last night neither team really managed to gain ascendancy but the Bulldogs got home on a few 'funny' calls including the new obstruction ruling that seems to change every week.

Last week, despite being an away game they were still at their home ground. They handed the bunnies their first loss of the season. A rabbitohs team whos opponents up until that game had only managed 1 win combined. After the match they claimed their plan was to tear away at the rabbitohs inexperienced halves.(something I wonder why no coach has done so far). It worked and seriously stunted their forward work.

What i'm failing to understand is, how can the Bulldogs really get such a pore start to the season but still get so many wraps.

While a team who has had the least amount of points scored on them and the 5th highest total scored sitting on top of the ladder unbeaten with 3 major players out are failing in so many ways to even get someone to tip them?
I agree Flip, although, with us missing a few players, and playing out at Homebush, the odds are a bit against us. What I can't understand is, how the hell is this a Saturday night game, and Canberra v Rooters is a Monday night game. Why do we get so little respect from CH 9?


I'd rather go in as the underdogs. Who cares who gets all the wraps, we just have to keep going along as well as we have. Plaudits at this time of the season mean bugger all.


UFO Hunter
CC the draw and TV time slots up until this round were done pre-season. Thats why the struggling Broncos have got 4 free slots so far this season.
Even so, how could Ch 9 not see this as a potential blockbuster? Anyone pre-season could see this would be a bigger game than the current Sunday and Monday ones. I still think we get rorted in terms of free to air coverage.


UFO Hunter
Thats kind of my point. A lot of people still don't give us a hope.

Yet a doggies team who have only played one decent game are getting big wraps as potential premiers.
They have a lot more higher profile players than us, that's why they are always in the news/getting wraps. We don't have an SBW or Mason that is constantly in the spotlight. The media also has a strange fixation on the Dogs because of past incidents. Basically they, along with Broncos, etc, are considered higher profile than us, regardless of results. The media/experts also consider the Dogs as a Premiership favourite, regardless of their poor start.


It's because they are full of "name" players.

The Broncos get more air time because they are the premiers and so they should. Even though i can't stand them :) :lol:

We would want to win tonight.. i've taken the night off work for the sole purpose of watching it.

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