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The Wheel

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It is clear from this side that they will throw everything at us in the forwards.

1. Luke Patten
2. Hazem El Masri
3. Jamaal Lolesi
4. Cameron Phelps
5. Matt Utai
6. Corey Hughes
7. Brent Sherwin
8. Mark O’Meley
9. Adam Brideson
10. Roy Asotasi
11. Tony Grimaldi
12. Andrew Ryan (c)
13. Braith Anasta

14. Chris Armit
15. Nate Myles
16. Charlie Tonga
17. Dallas McIlwain

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Solid team though a shadow of last year's squad without Tonga, Price, Matua, Sonny Bill and Mason.

Solid however, though the bench does not look very scarey. Anasta at 13 and Hughes at 6 is interesting - I didn't think it was that effective against Canberra.

The pack is solid and we will have to match them 50/50 to get the points!

Bring it on! Expecting a physical game - though I hope the scummy supporters don't come. My worst moments at Brookvale have involved Dog supporters!!!


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They look a lot stonger on paper than either Souths or the Knights so lets hope we managae to hit top gear this weekend. CW if the security presence is anything like last years Bulldogs game I can see any dramas arising.


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Why isn't Anasta play 5/8...........because he isn't one!!!! :dance:

Anasta v Kennedy.............Anasta will get smashed!
bad players dont star in origin games byso.anasta will run into witt a lot more than kennedy over 80 minutes when he hits the fringes and i dont even want to pretend to compare those 2.outside kennedy he is the best lock in the game.

The Wheel

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With 3 prop forwards missing (King, Kylie, hecks) from our side I think we are going to find it hard to stop their momentum with Omeley and Myle back in their side.


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True Witt isn't the best 5/8 but Anasta isn't worth the $400 to $800k(SOUTHS) price tag. Considering he plays more like a lock.

I would prefer 3 solid players than 1 over paid under performing player. I know the bulldogs arent over the moon with his contributions.

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Witt defensively is not an issue - he is solid there. It is more that his game does not complement that of Monaghan (very similar) and he doesn't take on the line too much and is easy to read.

Anasta is a champ and gives them the same sort of versatility we enjoyed when Kosef was lock - an extra ball player and very strong runner. I will be interested to see Des' gameplan and where we plan to hurt them. Neither of their wingers is a big guy and they both get sucked in - though so does Hicks!


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The bench is hardly impressive.

But then again neither is ours...I feel we're really going to miss Willow this week...

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