Bulldog in trouble for biting back

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    The Canterbury Bulldogs rugby league star Corey Hughes was so distressed about being called a rapist that he boarded a bus of buck's night revellers to take on the accuser. But the effort to clear his name in a physical way cost Hughes $10,000 of his salary from the Bulldogs football club.

    In the latest saga of questionable behaviour by the Bulldogs, Hughes was at Kembla Grange racecourse, near Wollongong, on Saturday with his retired footballing brother, Glen Hughes, and several other mates when the incident happened.

    A reveller on the bus taunted Hughes about the Coffs Harbour gang-rape investigation, yelling that the footballer was a rapist.

    Many Bulldogs players were questioned by the Coffs Harbour police after allegations by a woman that she was raped by as many as six players, after first having consensual sex with one player, in 2004. The police did not charge anyone.

    On Saturday, both Hughes brothers, offended at the taunts, boarded the buck's night bus and a fight broke out, with the Kembla Grange security staff forced to intervene and break it up. No one was injured and police were not called.

    But yesterday Hughes contacted the club, and separately somebody who had been on board the bus contacted the club.

    The club's chief executive, Malcolm Noad, coach Steve Folkes and its football manager, Bradley Clyde, determined Hughes's penalty in a phone hook-up.

    Noad said in a statement: "Corey was provoked and verbally abused and responded in a way that the club will not tolerate."

    The Bulldogs club has worked hard to overturn its bad-boy image, but off-field indiscretions by the players continue to undermine its efforts. Most recently, the star Sonny Bill Williams was fined $10,000 for a low-range drink driving offence, which goes before the court this Tuesday.
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