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Buhrer can Mix it up

Discussion in 'Rugby League Forum' started by MK Eagle, Mar 30, 2012.

  1. MK Eagle

    MK Eagle Well-Known Member

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    Sure the Illawarra game was played tough & tight with the game often a slugfest, but Buhrer racked up 40+ tackles & 20 hitups.
    The impressive part about this - he has that explosive impact with good footwork,speed & deceptive strength for a smaller backrower & is usually more quality than quantity.
    This was a physical game & he definately was prepared to roll up the sleeves & get heavily involved.
    Shows Buhrer is not limited to the odd angle at the fringes of the ruck & with this style of grafting game he can step up.
  2. ManlyBacker

    ManlyBacker Winging it Staff Member

    +972 /7
    I thought this thread was going to have a recipe. ;)
  3. Masked Eagle

    Masked Eagle Well-Known Member

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    I must admit to being a little bit perplexed that when Glenny got injured he gave the starting spot to Harrison. It must be bulk thing, but I just see Buhrer really needing those minutes to help him develop. We have a lot of power type forwards, but he's almost unique with his mixture of footwork and suprising turn of speed. I think there is plenty of potential for him to work closer with our halves and becoming an attacking weapon, not just someone who racks up the stats doing the hard work.
  4. caspersparks

    caspersparks Member

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    Buhrer has a big future, i rate him over many.. esp lussick
  5. NewwyEagle

    NewwyEagle I sleep in a racing car

    +1,464 /72
    Love Buhrer, amazing work rate and seems to love the club. Doesn't seem to have the ego other players do.
  6. dowdz

    dowdz Well-Known Member Premium Member 2017 Tipping Competitor

    +1,081 /12
    The recipe is, Jamie Buhrer helps Manly to go B2B
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    • globaleagle

      globaleagle Je saisis mon chapeau. Staff Member Premium Member 2017 Tipping Competitor

      +13,353 /117
      ya gotta mix it up to push it up!!!!

      I'm a Buhrer fan as well.

      seeing him a little bit last year I also think he can go far.
    • Top End Eagle

      Top End Eagle Well-Known Member Premium Member 2017 Tipping Competitor

      +2,066 /136
      He was outstanding last week - everything he did was quality.

      He played a fair bit of halves with DCE at the Sunshine Coast, he has played wing, centre, back row, five-eighth and hooker at times and handled all (except maybe wing) with aplomb.

      I see him as a cross between Beaver and Gift with his swerving pace and ball playing ability - just a genuine footballer amongst a lot of athletes.

      Hopefully a starting spot in the back row in the future but with the three backrowers we have at the moment all current (or would have been except for circumstance) Australian backrowers it is a tough ask.
    • Crusher_Cleal

      Crusher_Cleal Well-Known Member

      +762 /21
      Time for Buhrer and Lussick to show they can be the future of this club. They need to dominate Parra's decrepit pack. No excuses.
    • mozgrame

      mozgrame Well-Known Member

      +5,134 /51
      He was our top metre gainer too with 120m. People talk about the way DCE reminds them of past greats, to me Buhrer is the new Beaver. Forget the headgear, just watch his fluent running style, footwork, ball skills. He's got a massive future ahead of him.
    • The Who

      The Who Well-Known Member Premium Member

      +7,258 /173
      No, I can't see the similarity with Beaver, who was a bigger, more dominant player and a cover defender.
      I reckon he is closer in size and skills to Fatty, who was a terrific player, could step, was quite fast and was a workhorse.
    • voicefromthehill

      voicefromthehill Well-Known Member Premium Member

      +1,608 /13
      So does Manly hence the long term signing last year
    • Utility Player

      Utility Player Well-Known Member

      +514 /6
      I agree, It's the head gear that gets him Beaver like comparisons.
    • Darren

      Darren Well-Known Member

      +560 /20
      nice try but too small for 2nd row. Hope he shoots up!
    • Garts

      Garts Well-Known Member

      +844 /25
      He is on the small side but that does not matter as he has more than enough skills to make up for that, you realise he weighs about the same as Watmough?
    • Masked Eagle

      Masked Eagle Well-Known Member

      +976 /0
      I see similarities. The way his he uses footwork and a little skip/shuffle before the line to make defenders miss is very reminiscent of Beaver IMO. He needs to continue to work on his combinations with DCE and Foran so he just doesn't turn into a workhorse type player and we underutilise his attacking skills.

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