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A few years ago someone started a thread to post all the media's 'news' about Manly to have one place to see if it was true or not.

But the amount of b/s broke the site's server.

It's "interesting" that when fox lie, the article is written by "staff writers"....

or Phil...
or anyone from the DT really.
That was me! It was a sticky thread for a while
Sadly some sports journos write stories about suggested rumours that turn out not to be correct. This happens because they print unsubstantiated garbage which should have finished on the editors floor. The really sad thing is that sometimes these stories can adversely affect those that the subject of the garbage that is written about them and this raises an real issue of accountability. These unsubstantiated stories can have an real negative impact on the players, their families, the players relationship with their team mates and their club. IMO It is unprofessional and inappropriate.
Find it and repost. It will be amusing reading old BS media stories.
..Not sure if this is 'the' one....



This is the one...

More from the mole

A pair of talented brothers at the Dragons could be lost to the club next season.

Haele Finau, a 22-year-old hooker, and Sione, a 20-year-old wing/centre, are both Melbourne juniors.

They played their entire careers in the Storm system, shining with Easts Tigers in the Queensland Cup last season, before moving to the Dragons this year in the NSW Cup.

It's believed the Sea Eagles, with not much depth at number nine, are looking at Haele, while several clubs have shown interest in Sione.
We do need a gun hooker and a centre, maybe the brothers can come as a package like snake and gift. Now that was one hell of a great package
It seems more and more, water cooler gutter agenda driven journalism with zero facts is part and parcel of the NRL.

From the Mole today. LOL. Tigers not interested as Schuster has ZERO interest in leaving Manly.

Another waste of space story on Flanno junior.

Manly are battening down the hatches for a player raid from the Tigers - but the jewel in their crown is safe.

With highly-regarded recruitment manager Scott Fulton switching from Brookvale to Concord, the Sea Eagles are rightly worried that he will set his sights on several Manly young guns.

It was Fulton, a man with a great eye for junior talent, who spotted many of Manly's current crop of youngsters and he has a close relationship with them.

But the rising player the Sea Eagles most fear losing - utility Josh Schuster - is not in the Tigers' sights.

"He goes okay but we don't think he is a good fit for us," a Tigers source told Wide World of Sports.

"We do have our eyes on a few others though."

Spot on mate. Half of what you read in the media is bull, and the other half is ****.
Telegraph this morning by Carayannis and Brent Read and on the same page - different stories.

Bulldogs are set to pounch and make a move on Payne Hass come Nov 1st.

Next story, right below.

Bulldogs remain confident they will be able to tie down two young guns in Alamoni and Averillo but at least one may be squeezed out due to salary cap issues.

WTF!! they can afford 1 mill + for Hass but salary cap issues not to sign both young guns.

Well done Daily Telegraph - no doubt edited by one of the reporters sons in between part time Maccas work.
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100 percent agree. It is so much better without Paul Kent.

His credibility is gone

Tallis has had a civilising effect on the panel. I’m guessing because the ‘tough guy’ journos don’t dare try to shout him down. The show was unwatchable in the past due to ridiculous shouting matches meaning you couldn’t hear what anyone was saying.
So well done Tallis. (Who’d have thought?)

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