Bryant - the no name shows them up

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Winging it
Well done Mark on another great display. You don't get a write-up in the Manly Daily, you are probably lucky to see your name listed at and you don't get mentioned when the engine room is talked about.

Well, not for much longer. Keep up the great work and you should be rewarded with a starting spot in front of a few pretenders.
:clap: :clap: :clap:


Journey Man
Bryant is probably on $50k or less and knows each game could be his last.

This contrasts with players of profile like the Princess who have had money showered down on them from high and who don't give a stuff about getting those 1% effort things right.

I reckon a team full of Bryants would win a Premiership over a team full of Kings, even if they did cop the occasional flogging when the King team decided to play for the day.


Reserve Grader
He made a couple of good hits I suppose, and I was impressed, but stats really don't lie.

King made 30 more metres than him. I'm not saying King had a barnstormer, but for the time he played I felt it was an improvement on last year.

And for anyone(Sue) who says Kite was below par, you have got to be kidding yourself. Kite hit like a demon in defense for the 22 tackles he made, not to mention the 120 odd metres he chewed up.


Journey Man
I personally though King wasn't as bad as everyone was saying. His attack was reasonable, but in defence..........

Bryant was 2nd best after Kite for mine.


I said it last week.. Bryant is our best prop. Hes a machine. Kite was ok last night.. but he can play better than that. King was ok..

Biggest dissapointment for me.. was our usually reliable 2nd row and lock. Beaver BK and Watmough were poor to their standard. Bell and Hicks have work to do on their defence communication.


Yeh Bryant played very well, and put some great hits on.

If King doesn't improve in the next game or two, then he should be put to PL. Lets face it, he is plain 'shi t'.


Journey Man
bryants hit was awsome last night - one of the highlights

he did well off the bench - a shame lulu couldnt do the same, last just 5 minutes after half time

kite is an origin player who is on 330k a orford (who is on 400+ and was dissappointing also in his first game) he is to be judged on the standards suggested by his price tag,not on a comparison to a ****ing princess.standing flatfooted as a 30 year old hooker runs by is not befitting a player of his standing. if you think that is how origin props should perform then you probably have wet dreams about jason ryles also.
he is a good player at his best but i dont think manly has seen it as yet on a consistent basis.the club has been dissappointed with him given what he was supposed to bring.

and for those people still protecting king have a look at that fellow Scott for the cowgirls.he has a huge reputation up north also as an up and coming prop.Thats what "potential" looks like.

on a totally unrelated point i can never understand this metre gained thing unless it is way out there over 150.king made 90 metres and never looked like offloading or threatening the defence and indeed went backwards,kite made 120 but hardly ever stretched the advantage is a quantitative measure with no qualitative assessment.the best judjement is using your eyes to see the effect a player has on the game.mitchell seargent made 54 metres off 7 hitups and mathew scott 86 metres off 12 hitups against the broncos.who stood out in your eyes.


Journey Man
What Mitchell Sargeant bought to the game that our props didn't:

1. Quick play the balls.
2. Decoy running.
3. Occasional offload to create doubt in defenders' minds.
4. Backing up (notice he handled twice in that long range try early in the second half).

This in opposition to two international legends.
the play the ball speed was the obvious difference in the Manly Canberra game to others over the weekend.this depends on coaching and attitude,not ability,which is a real worry.

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