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Brutal pre-season training breaks exhausted Brisbane Broncos side

Discussion in 'Rugby League Forum' started by mozgrame, Jan 4, 2014.

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    Chris Garry •
    The Courier-Mail •
    January 03, 2014 11:00PM

    IT IS the Broncos' first training session of the year, the temperature has reached 32 degrees, the players have been running for 90 minutes and Ben Barba just threw up.

    Welcome to the brutal Broncos regime designed by new chief conditioner Alex Corvo.

    The key tenant is more running and longer sessions.

    A major departure from the short and sharp workouts of past seasons.

    The club is confident the contrast is one of several changes that will resurrect their failing fortunes and return the proud club to the top four.

    Friday's two hour session at Purtell Park caused multiple players to dry reach or throw up water their body rejected.

    New recruit Stewart Mills fainted from exhaustion and had to be helped from the field while rookie centre Jordan Drew injured his calf muscle and was carried off the ground.

    Corvo has been recruited from the Melbourne Storm where he was responsible for transforming Greg Inglis from an 88kg rake to 104kg monster.

    Corvo, who once coached Redcliffe Dolphins in the Queensland Cup, replaced long-term trainer Tony Guilfoyle who was let go following the Broncos disastrous 2013 when they finished 12th.

    Last season the Broncos ranked second last for tries scored in the second half, ahead of only the lowly Parramatta Eels.

    When trailing at half-time they managed to win just two of ten games.

    Their fade-outs prompted ex-captain Gordon Tallis to tear the team's conditioning apart.

    "For the first time ever, we look unfit," Tallis said on Fox Sports late last season.

    "I think the Broncos are getting over-run in the last 20 minutes.

    "That's never happened before. We were always match-hardened."

    Enter Corvo, who was praised by coach Anthony Griffin yesterday as implementing a challenging change.

    "It was really tough on the guys today," Griffin said.

    "It was a real challenge for them to get through but most of them got through it well in the end.

    "It was a similar session to what we were doing before Christmas but the conditions are what made it such a tough day.

    "We trained extremely hard last year though but with Alex Corvo coming in it has been a different type of training.

    "Alex and Steve Hooper have brought in a different type of program. It is a longer program than what we have done in the past metres wise and that has been a real challenge for the players.

    "There's a strong work ethic and enthusiasm about how we are going about our business."

    Griffin said Mills, recruited from Cronulla, was just struggling to adapt to Brisbane's humidity.

    "Yeah, the poor bugger, he was just dehydrated and he fainted but we got some Powerade through to him and he's fine."

    Centre Jack Reed said described yesterday morning's workout was one of the toughest sessions he had experienced.

    "It was a real eye opener that's for sure. That's the start of what we should expect all the time," he said.

    "He's intense and knows how to get teams ready for finals and it's a good change up."

    The club's four World Cup players will return on the 13th while Ben Hannant (calf injury) and Jordan Kahu (personal reasons) missed Friday's session.

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