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what do you techno nerds on the site think of the new browsers.

Firefox still the preference or is IE up to scratch with its new version?

I use FF but was wondering what the consensus was?


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The new IE is definitely much better than the previous version. However, as far as I'm concerned, it's still a little below FF. To get me to change, I need to see something much better than FF, simply because moving back sucks. It's not worth my time for a small benefit.

Now, if they had added some form of FF conversion routine, well then they only need to outdo FF a little. It may exist, but I didn't see it.

Also, I would need to see a fair number of IE extensions before switching. FF kicks arse because of these extensions!

Now... I haven't tried Opera at all, but there are many fans of it. I prefer the Open Source benefits of FF too much, I think!

Heh. I have a funny feeling that that whole ramble makes no sense at all. C'est la vie.


Kim Jong Dan
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FF all the way.

IE is terrible, the right click menu is still out of dat and the whole thing still has bugs and crash issues.

FF owns


It is free.
Thanks Dan , just downloaded and am using it now.
Do I leave the IE on my computer?
When we used IE we always got messages sating Microsoft Windows has recovered from a serous error and needs to close , then the internet page would close and I was left at my desktop. This happened once every few hours. Since downloading FF it now comes up every 30 odd seconds. The only difference is this page isnt shutting down on me.
Any ideas on what the issues might be????? :stupid:


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earl: regarding keeping IE, you don't have a choice. IE (6, at least) was intimately tied to Windows itself. Ahh... Monopoly.

Anyway, that error sounds like you have some problems with your computer, no matter what the browser.

Get yourself (and use!) a liberal dose of software that will check for viruses and spyware:
AVG's kickarse free antivirus:

Lavasoft's free spyware killer (Ad-Aware):

Download, install, update and run those. I wouldn't be surprised if you have a few 'things' running about on your computer. You may need to run them both a few times to flush everything out.

While you're at it, make sure you have a firewall installed. Sunbelt's Kerio Firewall is great (and free). Get it from . It has extra features that will stop after 30 days, but the firewall itself will still work.

After installing it, you will need to authorise various programs to go out onto the internet (which you probably want to always allow) but you will also be asked whether or not to allow incoming connections. Generally, you want to always say no to them.

It's an accepted fact that on average, these days an unprotected Windows computer will be compromised (by spyware, viruses, trojans or some other 'hacker' activity) BEFORE it can download all of the updates to keep it secure. Something like 13 minutes, last time I read.

Anyway, that's something to think about :)


Winging it
I may be wrong but I am forced to use IE when accessing any MS updates (Windows, Office etc) so I think you will need it. I am also sure that IE is coded separately from Windows in Vista which is due out in January.
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