Brookvale Upgrade Concept


Journey Man
What are your thoughts on the upgrade concept?

I like the idea allthough would prefer a bigger hill. I see no reason why the stand could overlap the top 5 metres or so of the hill.

It has a much warmer feel than those concrete cauldrons that just dont cut it. Yet it still looks modern and would have far superior facilities to what is currently avaiable. THe granstand looks to be fairly small and cheap but does the job.

I would estimate somewhere between 10 and 15 thousand seats under cover and ground cpacity of 25K or there abouts.

The Wheel
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I think it is great hopefully the government can come to the party with the cash.


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Has there been a decision on funding? The Penisula being a "liberal" oriented area with a Labor Govt.... don't like our chances. They promised to upgrade the Knights stadium a month before the election and surprise surprise a Labour oriented Independant wins the seat.

I personally would like the hill remain and a stadium built over the top and back of the area...plenty of room. The club could then provide additional floor for sponsorship boxes and club rooms...this will bring in extra sponsors.

Hope they provide extra security for the family alcohol free area, would not want to see a repeat of the stupitity of the Canberra game.


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Looks OK to me. I just like the idea of being able to walk right around the oval anytime. Some of the grounds have restrictions on this aspect which gets up my nose. Grass to sit on is always good, especially on saturday or sunday afternoon games.


Id rather they developed in that space behind the hill rather than taking up half of it with the stand. It's definately going in the right direction though.
With this setup the hill wouid be absolutely chockers, even in a small crowd, while the stands remain empty. I don't think we so much need public seating in an Eastern stand, just corporate facilities & public amenities.


Journey Man
yes id rather a bigger hill but if thats the biggest we can get then its much better than a lifeless concrete cauldron


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As far as I am concerned they can do whatever they have to do to ensure Manly continue to play at Brookvale going forward. If that means a concrete cauldron so be it.


Journey Man
no need to spend that much money though garts minimum we need is new facilities for toilets, food and drink.

Is anyone else loving the irony that the upgrade bandwagon was sparked into life by the lights debarcle when they are less than 12 months old

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