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I would like to see an eventual full rebuild go ahead, but your right Stuey, it probably doesn’t stack up economically. The only way it might be is if we:
1: Play every home game there;
2. Return to the old days of being a consistently successful club - every year, thus attracting higher average attendances;
3. Attract other codes to play more regular season games there;
4. Become a preferred venue for rep. fixtures - e.g. minor league/rugby/soccer internationals;
5. Utilise the new stands for leasable office space (possible at the S-E corner, according to current proposals); and
6. Move the LC into the new stadium.

Point 6 could be fraught with danger (Penrith Panthers appropriating a govt grant for grass roots league ending up funding new leagues’ club car parking anyone?), so it would have be handled well. Most people would not be keen on a leagues’ club being financed with public money to move onto public parkland.

As I keep saying, the club and Council need a plan B, in case the big rebuild doesn’t eventuate. One where $12-15 million sees the older facilities receive a meaningful overhaul.
As for you Point 1: I do think it is time we stopped giving the Donkeys a leg up by playing our home matches with them at Suncorp. I know that in the past it was for financial reasons but surely now with the new stand at Brookie almost certainly going to attract larger crowds that we give what we local fans want and that is a match with Brisbane at home.
However, I am happy that the club takes one match to a rural centre and I am an enthusiastic supporter of the Mudgee venue as it enables we locals to make it a weekend away holiday at what is one of the best tourist towns in NSW.
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Any chance Admin can take a quick drive down the road and take some updated photos of the Centre of Excellence plus the new turf and keep your members up to date ??
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Anyone know about the amenities going in to the new stand?
If the food/drink/toilets look as good as the rest I'm gonna have to reconsider my traditional GA membership.


Gotta love the usual fossils whinging about the "youth" being the future downfall of the still standing hill, which is still slid down by kids (kids? in 2022!?).

Shove ya culture war crap up your asses. We've all got a stadium to build but your drunk, Wormald era-never washed jersey is staggering in the way yelling the same incoherent **** on repeat since the 70's.

If the kids today are so useless I'll personally come round to your house and unplug your router and we'll see how far you get lmao, keep yelling at the clouds while the world passes by fellas 🍻

New stadium looking schmick, hope we get to watch a ball kicked and all stay away from the spicy cough this year.
Weren't routers invented by the same old blokes? Usually with a beer or four after lunch under their belt (which most delicate young chaps can't handle or are too 'correct' to partake in)

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