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Bring Back The Biff

Discussion in 'Rugby League Forum' started by Townsville Eagle, Oct 13, 2011.

  1. Townsville Eagle

    Townsville Eagle Active Member

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    Back in the Roman Era thousands crammed the Colosseum to watch gladiators battle it out to the end. This view is obviously still around as the media in highlights of games so fighting nearly every time they can. A prime example was the grand final show when they went through the rounds and round 25 against the Storm was highlighted with the fight. The reason they do this is because it sells and adds passion to the game. I love the softening up period in the first 20 minutes of a game but few games these days are anything to write home about. The NRL is strangling Rugby League. State of Origin was made due to the toughness associated and who doesn't love the brawls. So long as there is no foul play, bring back the biff and lets enjoy league even more.

    Go the Eagles, Premiers and NRL Heavyweight champions of 2011.
  2. The Who

    The Who Well-Known Member Premium Member

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    Political correctness. I too love the biff - but I wouldn't encourage any of my relatives to be rugby league players these days. It is too tough, even without the fisticuffs.
  3. Brookie

    Brookie Well-Known Member

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    harden up Australia!
  4. Boozo

    Boozo Active Member

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    Rugby League is homogenised warfare, the ultimate sport and aggression is at it's core.
    Had to LOL when a Manly hater on a forum complained that our forwards were 'too aggressive'.
    I remember Wolfman saying in an interview in '08 that what he loved most about playing footy was "smashing other blokes".

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