Bring Back @Ryan

Same complexion as me, too :)
Thanks &Ryan for priming the imagination and then planting the real pic. On a positive note, now I know a bit more about your skin colour.

Maybe it's like when you can turn your back on the TAB/booze/a Winnie Blue etc, but only for a time. Then you are dragged back inevitably to your addiction, even though you know it's probably not good for you!
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(just speaking for myself really) :)
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I think if people treat posters on here the way they would like to be treated it would solve a lot of problems.
Sounds great in theory, in practice however some people love the anonymity that hiding behind a keyboard brings and say stuff they wouldn't dare to say face to face. Then again I know quite a few people who could start a fight in an empty room
Hey buddy. I'm still around and read. You can ask @Chip and Chase why I don't post here anymore - it was his doing. He knows he did the wrong thing. For transparency, I DID ask Dan & the other sites leaders to remove him as a moderator as well (just being honest) in writing, and they didn't respond (which should absolutely extinguish any of the favoritism theories on the site).

I do appreciate you asking about me though :)

Regarding the team: I'm pumped about the new coaching staff. You can see an uptick in harmony, togetherness, culture and attitude immediately. I mean, the only way was up from Des and staff anyways, right? I'd be over the moon if The Drag-queens employed that old fossil - would just make them that much easier to beat.

My opinion on the team / top 30. Absolutely cracking first game, where we split them in half defensively & aggressively. That said, I DO think we need to land a marquee signing or two. Send a shot across the bow of the rest of the league that we are still alive and breathing. We are riding high on effort and emotion at the moment, and question is, how long will that continue, especially after we face adversity? On paper, I'm not liking our squad (in comparison to the others). Depth in the forwards is my concern (that, and riding Croker who is all character, heart and work effort). I would honestly remove my left nut, hand it to Paul Kent to mash and use as paste on his Jatz in order to get a Hooker like Harry Grant - haha.

The real test will be when we play a team like Penrith, Parramatta, Roosters, Rabbits, Storm or Sharks for example. The past 3 years we've gone to water. 1 win in three years against top 4 (place finished at end of season). 2 wins against top 8 teams last season - not bloody good enough - and our roster hasn't really changed. I don't think that's a coincidence that it coincides with us not beating the best teams.

Also, please football gods, for ONE year, let us remain relatively injury free. I hope Siebs sticks with winning formulas, and rewards performance. Why does Schuster just "get his spot back"? His inconsistency health wise does NOT help with chemistry and combinations.

Lastly, I hope we re-sign Olakau'atu, Koula, Fifita and Weekes. Great kids, keep the vultures away - we'd have heaps of cap space in the coming years, let's use them wisely. I do think Crushers and Fulton's efforts recruitment wise over the past few years have been appalling. Forget depth now, we need quality to go to the next levels.

Front office (and I know I'll be lambasted for this - ownership) have recently been outstanding - great decisions and initiatives - honestly. Same goes for Cuzzo in media - second to none in the past 12 months - and markedly improved.

Anyways, hope everyone is well. Think I covered everything haha
Nooooo!!! It's not silvertails with you mate.
The OGs of alternate eagles
And the old bears fan ryan.

Hope you're well brother.
Yes it does , I don’t have anyone on ignore , but I do “ ignore “ some people’s comments , so works the same.

Sometimes their comments are worth reading.
I only have one on there.
Has been for a few years now. Some love him but he annoyed me so I hit the button and it was great.
I'd suggest people use it rather than fight.
Welcome back @Ryan
If you can't come back full-time as Ryan, at least do a few cameos as Merchant of Doom. MOD was one of the more outstanding characters on this site at that time. Also, just remember your words from last year, and do what you do.
Let’s hope our results this season don’t require a visit from the Merchant of Doom. The MOD lurked the board sickle in hand picking off posters who had any thread of late season optimism last year. He took many scalps that’s for sure.
Let’s hope our results this season don’t require a visit from the Merchant of Doom. The MOD lurked the board sickle in hand picking off posters who had any thread of late season optimism last year. He took many scalps that’s for sure.
Merchant of Hope perhaps @Waz13
Team P W L PD Pts
11 7 4 139 18
11 7 4 88 18
13 9 4 81 18
11 7 4 24 18
13 8 5 87 16
12 7 5 15 16
12 7 5 -50 16
12 6 6 -10 14
11 5 6 -31 14
11 5 6 -67 14
12 5 6 -18 13
12 5 6 -26 13
13 6 7 52 12
12 5 7 -93 12
11 3 8 -42 10
13 5 8 -90 10
12 3 9 -59 8
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