Brett Stewart


Journey Man
Was certainly the best player for NSW and would have won MOTM had they snatched a late win.

A sensational debut from a genuinely great player.

:clap: :clap: :clap: :clap:

On the downside:

Was Lyon on the field?

How about Bell scoring a try with his first touch!

Why is Kite continually given 20 minutes a game in SOO???????

NSW have only themselves to blame really.


UFO Hunter
IMO, the coach has to go. The bench rotation is a joke and has been since murry took over.


Journey Man
have to agree flip

Bird was easily our most dangerous after Mason, including all the backs and was given sfa time - a bit like chocs wasted debut. Kite given fark all minutes again, when he was on his defence in the middle made a big difference


Ditto. Bird needs to get a start next game.
I'm sure Murray waas always going to be sacked after taking Buderus off in game one.
Bring back Gus.


Journey Man
Bring back Gus.

LMFAO This is the bloke who did the big dummy spit in his last two series as coach about the injustices of the media bla bla bla.

"I can't coach NSW anymore because of media intrusion"

so much for sacrifice and passion.


First Grader
Bring back Guss NOW.............. If not get Bellamy NOW.

Brett was sensational. It looked like he was 50% of the NSW attacking game plan.

Lyon is overpaid and over rated. He continually makes handling errors and offers little in attack, I really can’t see why Dessie thinks he's a 5/8 imo a pay packet shouldn't justify what position a player plays.

Kite should've played more, the last 20mins of the first half the forwards did literally bugger all. Which is when he was of the field.

And HOFFMAN....please what a useless pile of **** he is.

Well done to QLD they deserved the win.


Journey Man
I will say this about a NSW coach - you guys are not helped by the coaching being done by a current NRL club coach. Meninga has one thing to think about all year.

Do you know who I would fear taking over as NSW coach?

Andrew Johns


Journey Man
he has similar credentials to meninga in that he knows what needs to be done. However he is too busy being infront of the camera to take up that job.


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Johns would be farkin useless. NSW won't win until they develop some quality players, especially around the scrum base. It's not about the coaching, it's about the players.


O'meley should come in for Kite. No use selecting Kite if your going to give him that much game time.

Watmough and Gallen in for Ryan and Bird.... Hindmarsh was crap last night but we need his tackling and fitness in the backrow along with these two as our attacking weapons because NSW can't score a ****ing point.

Dean Collis in for Jamie Lyon or Matt Cooper - NSW need a centre that actually runs straight!! Cooper and Lyon both run across the field giving their winger absolutely no room.

I also think NSW keep picking blokes on the bench that start in their club teams and I don't think they are as useful off the bench... I'd give Dean Widders a run too.

Mata, I agree with everything you said about Stewart EXCEPT Danny Buderus would have been MOTM if the Blues had of won.... He was awesome.

I'd love Gus to come back.... The players all know how to play.. you just need a coach to rev em up (aka Meninga, gilly, walters etc)

There is no real need to coach these players just be in camp with them. If I were to select a coach I would pick older players like Mortimer or Fittler and have blokes helping him out like Raudonikus, Geyer, Harragon, Carroll, Toovey etc.


Reserve Grader
Buderus was great in defence, putting on some beltin' hits, but he was VERY average out of dummy half. Just stood and passed all night long. Don't remember him running or taking the line on at all.

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