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Manly prop Jason King has fired in a protest to the NSWRL protesting at his treatment whilst in Lismore preparing for Friday night's City vs Country Origin game.

In a statement released to the media by his manager, King's protest at the parlous conditions of the City side's accommodation read:

"It is most disconcerting to arrive at a camp and find that we're expected to share a bedroom with a farting, snoring behemoth like Jason Stevens."

"Imagine my horror when I also found out that team management had also failed to find the required 15 mattresses needed for my ongoing comfort and that some prankster had placed three frozen peas under the single mattress I was given."

"In normal circumstances, under 15 mattresses, the three peas would be enough to warrant a week on the sidelines. However, with only one mattress for comfort I find that my vertebrae have been grievously displaced and I find it necessary to withdraw from Friday's game as well as Manly's next 6 competition matches."

"I'm sure my team mates will understand that my comfort and ongoing health needs to be a priority if I'm to realise the ambitions held for me by Manly fans. I'm sure Kite and Heckenberg won't mind playing on with a broken shoulder and ruined knee respectively to cover my unfortunate absence."

DISCLAIMER: This post is parody and is not a true news story. None of the quotes above are real or were said by the respective persons mentioned


First Grader
On fire Mata. Kingy has done well to make rep honors. Really don't know how.

He wont enjoy the wedgy from Stevens either! :lol: :lol:


Winging it
He wont enjoy the wedgy from Stevens either! :lol: :lol:
I actually got really annoyed at seeing the jolly giant once again carry on with this BS. I cannot see where it was referred to the judiciary but it should be. A couple of times in a career is ok but he is a habitual offender. I hope the devil has a special pair of extra tight undies reserved for Jason's attendance down under. :evil:


Journey Man
He wont enjoy the wedgy from Stevens either! :lol: :lol:
Apparently it was a tactic commonly used by Jesus on his disciples when the walk between Capernaum and Jerusalem became a little tedious.


had to laugh when someone called Kingey the Raging Mongrel, is there another Jason King we dont know about ?

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