Braybrook and Pearce

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Journey Man
Honestly - I almost wanted to grab my boxing gloves from the garage, get in the Territory, and head down to the commentators box, walk up to Braybrook or whatever his name is, lead with a left jab, then another, only to follow up with an uppercut to his glass jaw. Does he hate Manly or what?
I remember Canteen I think it was, commenting on how bad his commentary was round 2 against The Cowboys last year (bias wise). And that says a lot. Canteen very rarely critiques a person.
I know i've mentioned Laurey Dailey before - but he's an angel compared to this guy !!!

Those that watch the game on Fox - what do you think? 8|
I think he should stick to boxing, or at least take tips from the sport if he wants to come to Brookie with that attitude again !

Oh yeah - at least Pearce commentated as one should. Without bias etc.


Speaking of goose commentators.
Ive noticed in the last few weeks from Fox commentators some great , inciteful comments.
Example - Manly 6 Warriors nil. If Warriors score next , they are right in this. der.
Best one yet. A team is 4 points down. "If they score a converted try , they may find themselves in front". No ****.

I had a BBQ on today Ryan so the best I could do was move the tv outside and watch while I cooked the BBQ. Didnt have sound on as I thought it may have been a tad rude.


hey, channel 9 have some dodgy commentators too!

if i hear ben ikin say "believe you me" again, i'm going to pull my hair out.

just have to live with it i guess.


UFO Hunter
When Kite nearly scored I couldn't believe the commentators reaction.

"Well, Warriors will feel hard done by here. Kite has been held up and then he just gave the ball to McKinon. Kite knows he'll get a penalty but that one Junior you could say should go to the Warriors. "


Mark Geyer (who usually is full of c r a p) actually gave the eagles a fair wrap on the Sunday Roast (after Phil "where's my dress" Gould gave us a serve saying we WOULDNT beat the warriors)

Kiwi Eagle

Staff member
Thank **** someone else noticed, i was almost ready to send something crashing through the TV.

I am not one to get worked up about commentators, but Braybrook yesterday was so bad i actually intend on sending an email off to Fox Sports. Am glad Pearce was there to give some balance.

Sent a message to a guy from work who is a Warriors man and even he agreed how bad Braybrook was.

Actually got quite comical near the end, we got a penalty for something, stripping i think it was, and Pearce called it as it was, and i said to the people round me, "Listen to this, he will say he dropped it" and not even 5 seconds late "I dont kniw Junior, I think he just dropped that"

Was disgraceful

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