Boyd vs Brohman II


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Lots of angry pills being consumed in League Circles yesterday. Taylor and Hagan's little spat was highly entertaining, but nothing on the Bozo vs Brohman one.

Brohman is obviously of limited intellect if he thought he could give someone a serve after 24 years and not have an alternate perspective put to him.,22049,22079630-5001023,00.html


That was funny as hell to listen too.
I dont think Bozo was all that impressed by the calller who said that Brohman has done more for League than Bozo ever could.

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Sorry byso but i couldn't disagree more. Daryl Brohman has made his career out of trading off the noteriety of being the bloke that had his jaw broken by Les Boyd. I dont even have a problem with Brohman claiming compensation even though it is a case of not leaving what happened on the field stay on the field. He was compensated, The guilty party was suitably punished after that could have been left on the field then so to speak.

But instead Brohman decides to be a coward and take pot shots at him by dragging it back through the papers for no other reason but to bump up his own ego.


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continuation sorry - courier mail was runnin a story last week saying boyd had come out and said he was told to do it, but you'd believe the courier mail more after you'd wiped you @rse with it....


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Brohman should not have written about it in the newspapers and it is his fault as he broight it up.

There are certain things about the old style game that are best left forgotten.

I don't see Lee Pomfret in the newspaper talking about what bob Cooper did to him. Nor do we ever see Bucknall's name mentoned By Sattler.

It was a different era then and fat boy should be talking about the modern game not what happened to him over 20 years ago. Get over it and move on with his life.

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The story in the sunday telegraph amounted to Brohman ran into him in at a function and Boyd wouldn't look him in the eye. That is why i agree Brohman is a coward. He could have said something at the time, he could have done it the old fashioned way in the carpark anything but he did zip, came back slagged him off in the paper then cried when anyone had a go at him for dragging something up that could have been easily left dead and buried


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I agree Brohman shouldn't have spoken about it in the papers. But I thought it was good to read how such a callous incident affected the bloke.

Bozo is wrong because he called him a coward for going to the courts. The bloke was out of the game for 12 months because of it. Who knows what Brohman could have done over that time.


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How can you say you'd shout Oldboy a beer Mata? Far out.

Because I'm tired with locking swords with some of the blokes over at MSE who, in the main, appear reasonable, intelligent and knowledgeable.

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This happened 20 years ago - Brohman is still trading off on it. It was common knowledge at the time that Boyd was told by officials to go out and belt players. Jim Comans and the judiciary had been given a mandate to save the image so there were contradictory agendas. Boyd was cut out to dry. If Darryl had been around in 1973 what would have happened.

Brohman was an average journeyman player who would not have even represented in the modern game. He has been feeding out on this for years. It was a cowardly act to write what he said, when Boyd was not a media man and had no right of reply. Many players despise him for going to court against the old player's code. Why did Darryl have to bring it up again or was he trying to stir the pot. If I was 2GB I would say 'See you later." He adds little of substance anyway. His main notoriety is that he is fat!!! Best be a seller of XXXL for Lowes!!!!


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Agree CW, Brohman was an ordinary club player who got fat and lucky with his media crap. He plays the self-deprecating fat man role and has lived of this hit for 20 years. Needs a reality check and to be pissed of by all media. Boyd was a favourite of mine, played it hard and dirty, but with an angels face. Loved it when he ran water in the final series after he was rubbed out.

DVS Matt


i like Brohman tbqh, i think he brings a light side to listening to rugby league.

also i don't think he was a coward for taking Boyd to court. He was out for 12 months and was never the same player (whether it be your opinion that he was a decent footballer or not). I'm not sure how the pay scheme was structured back then but if he was disadvantaged due to illegal and cowardly act of elbowing then good luck to him. I thought it was a bit unfair of Bozo to attack Brohman on air when he hasn't ever been put in the same position.

Boyd bought it all back again last week with his article in one of the Brissy papers. Brohman replied which is his right.

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I thought the article in the Brissie Papers was also based on something Brohman said about Boyd still being unable to look him in the eye. I could be wrong but I understood that Brohman brought it up. On Sunday Boyd's wife was the main defender and Bozo weighed in. Brohman was given the flick when UE and GB went head to head quite a few years ago and there was a lot of bad blood.

Bottom line is that a lot of these media types have big heads.

Hadley won't talk to Sterling and Vauitin, Fulton and Fatty, Gus Gould and the News Employees have their issues. etc etc. It is enormous egos at 10 steps!!!!


Bring back Boyd and let him do his worst to hadley, brohman, Gould etc.

I'd pay to see that.

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