Bloody libs are heartless bastards.

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First Grader
Lying to a sick child

By CLARE MASTERS Health Reporter

May 24, 2006

THE STATE Government lied to the family of terminally ill boy Lewis Cass for two months, saying it was doing everything possible to get him a wheelchair despite ordering it only two days ago.

The Daily Telegraph can reveal the Government placed the order on Monday – two days after the family said they had been waiting for a wheelchair since March.

Health Minister John Hatzistergos wrongly blamed the manufacturer to cover his department's inaction.

"As soon as the matter was drawn "to our attention, we immediately arranged to have the wheelchair ordered, and that's been done," Mr Hatzistergos said on Saturday.

"This is not the sort of thing you can buy off the shelf from Bing Lee."

But a spokesman for the Sydney-based company said they only received the order at 11.04am last Monday – despite delivering the quote on March 31.

"We only just got the order so it is difficult to see how it could be a delay when the part hadn't even been ordered," the spokesman said.

If the wheelchair had been ordered when the quote was received it is likely Lewis would have been racing around his backyard weeks ago.

Lewis, who has a terminal degenerative muscular condition, was facing several months wait for his motorised wheelchair until his family went public with his plight in March.

At almost three the toddler has enough movement left to be able to operate the motorised chair; the only way he can get around. A highly intelligent child trapped in a body that is betraying him, he used to use a 25-year-old chair to play Spiderman and chase his brother.

But once that chair broke down he was unable to get around without help. One of the longest surviving children in Australia with the neuromuscular disease spinal muscular atrophy (SMA), his family want him to have the chair so he can see some of the world he is unlikely to grow old in.

Spokesman for Mr Hatzistergos Richard Lenarduzzi told The Daily Telegraph yesterday morning the Government had done all it could to expedite the process and the delay was due to parts coming from the US.

On the same day Lewis was rushed to hospital in a critical condition after a cold turned into severe pneumonia.

His father Craig Crass said yesterday Lewis was in a critical condition but had improved.

"He has turned a corner, he is still in intensive care but he is a fighter,'.

For donations send to Muscle Clinic Research and Development fund, Sydney Children's Hospital (for Lewis Cass) Locked Bag 5, Randwick NSW 2031.

Canteen Worker

First Grader
Byso - grow up. Any fool could post 20 articles like this detrimental to federal liberal or state labor.

It's the daily telegraph for goodness sake.

Stop trying to score cheap points - we know your biased and immovable position - no need to keep proving it each day.

I could have posted 20 yesterday giving negative spin to Howard and co but in the end people are sick of it - have you noticed how few people post on these threads???


First Grader
haha, CW shouldn't you be planning a strike.

And you've got the hide to tell me to grow up. :lol: :lol: :lol:


Journey Man
1 person got a slightly raw deal by department stuff ups - note the libs wouldnt have even given him the chair in the first place

guess that makes labor 1/20,000,000 as bad as the libs

those odds sound about right


Journey Man
jsut a quick search from SMH

Liberal MP to flout Howard on asylum
Email Print Normal font Large font By Kerry-Anne Walsh
May 21, 2006

AdvertisementPRIME Minister John Howard flies into a storm over immigration laws when he returns to Australia on Thursday, with one Liberal MP preparing to cross the floor and vote against them.

Victorian MP Russell Broadbent has told colleagues and constituents he cannot support the changes to the Migration Act, which excises Australia's coast from asylum seekers and moves their processing and resettlement offshore.

A spokeswoman for Mr Broadbent told The Sun-Herald: "He won't support the legislation and he won't abstain."

Mr Broadbent emailed one constituent: "Thank you for taking the time to write to me and express your concerns on this issue. I will not be supporting this legislation".

Debate is set to resume in the House of Representatives on Tuesday, but there are Government moves to stall it until after Mr Howard returns.

Mr Broadbent could be joined by Petro Georgiou, Bruce Baird and Judi Moylan in voting with Labor - becoming the first Liberal lower house MPs in Mr Howard's decade-long reign to defy him on the floor of Parliament.

The amendments were rushed into Parliament after Indonesian anger at the granting of refugee visas to 42 Papuans.

They are viewed by Mr Howard as a crucial step in mending relations with Australia's powerful northern neighbour.

The changes would expand the "Pacific solution" so that asylum seekers arriving unannounced would be processed on Nauru or Manus Island in Papua New Guinea.

While the Government's strong majority in the lower house suggests the mutiny would not cause the loss of the vote in that chamber, the Senate could deliver the killing blow.

Liberal senators Marise Payne and Judith Troeth have expressed concern about the bill, as have Nationals Senator Barnaby Joyce and Family First Senator Steve Fielding.

The amendments would fall in the Senate if one Government and all non-government senators vote against


Independent attacks rising Liberal star
Email Print Normal font Large font May 23, 2006 - 6:39PM

AdvertisementAn independent MP has launched an extraordinary personal attack on one of the Liberal Party's rising stars, Andrew Robb, accusing him of wrecking Australian farms.

Former National Bob Katter said that when Mr Robb ran the National Farmers' Federation (NFF), it was known as No Family Farms.

Mr Robb was NFF executive director from 1985 to 1988 and later federal director of the Liberal Party.

He entered federal parliament last election as member for Goldstein and promoted to parliamentary secretary in the most recent reshuffle.

Mr Robb was lead government speaker in a Labor-initiated debate about the government's plan to provide migrant training visas.

Mr Katter, who represents the north Queensland seat of Kennedy, said the scheme would crush the living standards of Australian workers.

What bringing in cheap Asian labour would do to wages and conditions "scares the hell out of me".

Mr Katter said Mr Robb had never in his life listened to anyone except rich and powerful people.

"I know him well from the NFF because when he was director it was always referred to as No Family Farms," Mr Katter said.

"And I went to a meeting where the head of the NFF actually said that.

"He said that we are inefficient at the present time, but as corporate farming takes over we will be efficient."

Gesturing to the almost empty Labor benches, Mr Katter said: "People on this side, don't knock him. He's your greatest asset."

He said Mr Robb had talked about regional Australia.

"He wouldn't know about it, he's never set foot in it," he said.

Mr Katter said half of Australia's wool industry had vanished. Cattle was down 26 per cent, sugar 20 per cent and dairy 15 per cent.

"He was a wonderful success story, wasn't he," Mr Katter said.

"Half of Australian agriculture has vanished without trace under the leadership and the policies of the likes of the member for Goldstein."

Mr Robb had left the chamber before Mr Katter's onslaught.

Fellow Victorian Liberal Russell Broadbent sprang to his defence, saying Mr Robb had great heart for the people of rural Australia.

Mr Broadbent said that if Mr Katter took him around his electorate he would see how well he was received.


Vale denies fighting $75 speed ticket
Email Print Normal font Large font By Amanda Carlin
May 21, 2006

AdvertisementFEDERAL Liberal MP Danna Vale has rejected media reports she is fighting a $75 speeding fine imposed outside a Gymea primary school where an eight-year-old girl was killed four years ago.

"The money has been paid," Mrs Vale, member for Hughes in southern Sydney, said.

"I don't believe I was speeding but I've got no way to prove it otherwise.

"I also accept it as a revenue raiser and it was probably my time to make a contribution.

"The time frames are confusing and if the State Government was genuine about stopping children being hurt outside their schools there would be flashing lights and speed humps."

She said many constituents said they had also been booked but did not believe they were speeding.

Mrs Vale said she received the fine for travelling 50 kmh in a school zone in September last year and had requested the fine be dealt with as a caution, citing her impeccable 40-year driving record.



Premium Member
I wonder what the point is with the all political chest beating that goes on within these pages.

Considering the demographic that this site (allegedly) caters for I would be interested to know if any person has had their political leanings swayed in any way by the soap box rantings that are so prevalent here.


Journey Man
has anyone ever been swayed on anything in here??

ill ask a state MP next friday to come check out the pages Pete - that way it will now be worth something ;)


Journey Man
oh ok

wasnt planning to.

Who knows she may enjoy it - if i see a male MP then i shall give you an invite since thats what you like to do to them


Journey Man
I wonder what the point is with the all political chest beating that goes on within these pages.

Considering the demographic that this site (allegedly) caters for I would be interested to know if any person has had their political leanings swayed in any way by the soap box rantings that are so prevalent here.

Corso -

Cons for current government:-

01. Nth Beaches infrastructure (espescially around Warringah Rd.) not catered to. No long term town planning ideas?
02. Mona Vale hospital's proposed closure.
03. The weak an easy way the state gaovernment upgraded Pittwater / Warringah from low density to medium density populace.
04. John Brogden, and his obvious lack of support from his own people.
05. Warringah council was almost completely sacked due to "management problems", and a caretaker had to take over.
06. Lacxk of injection of funds die to seat being too one sided. Penrith had a marginal seat, and were able to sway a $10m upgrade to their footy oval.
07. Haven't got enough activites to keep the youth occupied, leading to mis demeanour, and law problems
08. Development

I know some of these would be more state, than local.


01. The establishment of Frenchs Forest hospital.
02. The maintenance of existing roads.
03. Development - LoL

Federal Government appear to be pretty good in relation to "family Assistance", Baby bonus and the like.
1st home grant is good.

The way I see it.....damned if you do....damned if you don't.
Liberal and Labour are all the same in my eyes. If it weren't John Howard screwing small business, it would be Weasly.

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