Blocker's son a Rah Rah
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Blocker's son a Rah Rah

The news article on our main page announces our very own assistant coaches (BLOCKER) son going to play in the Red & Black for Norths in Sydey club rugby.

He follows a number of other players who are sons of famous League players to turn their back on League. These include Rogers, Giteau & Henjak.

It will be interesting to see if Blockers front row partner in the Aust schoolboy side follows his lead. He is Phil Daleys son and grand son of the late Doug Daley. If he stays in League & plays for Manly he would become a 3rd generation player for the Sea Eagles which would be a first I believe.

What I cannot understand is why someone brought up in league circles with a strong family connection decides to jump ship to union. I guess it is their private school background gained from their fathers financial gain playing league.
Blocker's son a Rah Rah

Union is a crap sport for crap people, i realise that statement is neandathol like but meh... i'm sticking to it.... it is a shame that they can get soo close to the best sport in the world yet be soo far away as well


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Blocker's son a Rah Rah

I read that earlier.......GAY!

he owuld have been a handy youngster to have in the pack
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Blocker's son a Rah Rah

He is 118 kgs at 18 years of age - he will be a big boy when he grows up. Maybe his body shape does not fot a league player
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Blocker's son a Rah Rah

What 118 kgs..........If he's a union player it would be all lard!
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Blocker's son a Rah Rah

They say he is a prop but I reckon he will be the whole front row
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Blocker's son a Rah Rah

From all reports he is a very talented Union player. Good on him for making his own choices and not being told or expected to do something because of who his father is. I don't think any of us would force our children to do things because they are what we want. I admire him for having the courage to go to a sport that HE enjoys! Good luck to him, I hope he does well.


Blocker's son a Rah Rah

I heard that he really wanted to play for the North Sydney bears rugby league team because he had heard that they had produced so many great front rowers over the years.

Unfortunately they don't have a team in the NRL anymore so he had to settle for the next best thing and that was playing in the red and black for their union team.

The Australian rugby front row is so crap at the moment he will probably play union for Aust in the next world cup.

At least he would be better then Matt "pig on skates" Dunning. He would always be compared to his old man if he played league and he probably didn't want that pressure on him.
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Blocker's son a Rah Rah

At least he would be better then Matt \"pig on skates\" Dunning.

Tookey - You would go better in the Wallaby front row -
Blocker's son a Rah Rah

The thing about matt dunning was... although he couldn't play real well... with him in the team you always have someone in your team that can kick that vital field goal
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Blocker's son a Rah Rah

Yeah the vital one that makes you miss the semis - fair dinkum if I was the NSW coach I would have torn up his contract after that.


Blocker's son a Rah Rah

People don't send their kids to those schools because of the sport (unless you go to Kings or Scots on a scholarship- the only way they get decent sporting teams).
They send them there because of the opportunities that stem from going to a school with a good name hence the parents hoping it might open doors further down the track.
While I don't necessarily think this is right, it is the main reason you get sent to those schools.
Having gone to one myself I know what you have to put up with if you choose to follow the dreaded rugby league- it is a crock of **** (because league ****s on union) but these guys older brothers and daddies aswell as the older students pressure the kids into union I think as more of a class thing which looking back on it is ridiculous coming from apparently well educated people. We asked to start a league team and it was like we asked for girls to stay overnight in the dorms.
A bit of a joke but I think after going to a school like Riverview Daniel wouldn't have had much of a choice but to embrace union- I'm sure all his mates, etc. fed him full of all the bull**** they usually do about leaguies being dumb bastards...that's why personally I don't really care that the Wallabies are **** and relying from ex-leaguies to create any spark at all in the game!
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Blocker's son a Rah Rah

hopefully Roach snr will go there too, whats he do for us anyway
eat the free canteen food i suppose

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