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Discussion in 'Rugby League Forum' started by Berkeley_Eagle, Feb 22, 2009.

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    20 Feb 09 @ 03:32pm


    Zorba to battle on
    HE’S seen the departure of Bob Fulton, seen premierships won and lost, was part of the doomed merger with the Bears and seen more chief executives walk in and out than patrons entering a Bangkok bordello.

    But now Manly stalwart Peter “Zorba” Peters is facing his greatest battle.

    His description of Manly co-owner Max Delmege as “un-Manly” could lead to his demise.

    All indications are the pro-Delmege board will not let this one go.

    “If Max wants to sack me, then so be it,” Zorba told us this week.

    “I have no intentions of resigning at all and I won’t back down from what I said and I won’t be bullied.”

    No doubting that.

    Zorba has spent the past five years penning his autobiography, a tell all on his 40-year career as a journalist in Sydney.

    “This is just another chapter in my book,” he quipped.

    Godfather on his side
    SHOULD the Delmege faction and the board have their way, Zorba does have some influential people in his corner who will support him all the way.

    Apart from the Penn family, club greats Bob Fulton and Ken Arthurson will back him in what is already a bloody stoush.

    Mayer not wallowing
    WHILE at first feeling a little anxious over his decision not to sought an extension over his contract, outgoing Manly CEO Grant Mayer is privately content with his decision.

    Given the political in-fighting at the club, Mayer doesn’t know who to trust anymore.

    We also understand, the board asked Mayer for a three-year business plan heading into the future.

    While he didn’t technically deliver, Mayer has secured the Sea Eagles a major sponsor (with more dollars to come next week) for the next three seasons, signed coach Des Hasler until the end of 2011 and secured a powerful playing roster - what more could they want?

    Woman’s touch
    WITH all the ruckus among Manly’s owners and board members this week, appointing a female to sooth tensions has been mooted.

    Names like Nici Andronicus, Zali Steggall, Layne Beachley and Wendy Harmer have all been suggested to take up places on the board or within the Sea Eagles’ management.

    “It could be interesting in light of a report that came out recently suggesting the world wouldn’t be in such a financial state if there were more women in management positions,” our spy told us.

    Sun shines on Kite
    CLIVE Churchill Medal winner Brent Kite will get his season going next weekend in a trial match for the Sunshine Coast Sea Eagles.

    Kitey, who is not touring England with the Sea Eagles for compassionate reasons, will lead the Eagles against Balmain in a Queensland Cup pre-season game at Stockland Park.

    It’s the Test prop’s first hit-out since leading Manly to last year’s NRL crown.

    Big game live
    MANLY Warringah League Club will open from 4.30am next Monday morning as the Sea Eagles aim to win the World Club Challenge over the Rhinos in Leeds. Kick off is 5am, live on the big screen.

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