BK's back!!!!

BK's back!!!!

Well, it didn't take very long for BK to come out of retirement, but why did it have to be in Newcastle! Also, does he know it's a different type of football? Geez, he could be the word's biggest goalkeeper!

Newcastle Jets v New Zealand Knights, at EnergyAustralia Stadium (7pm AEST)
Glory: 1. Ben Kennedy, 2. Steve Eagleton, 3. Jade North, 5. Milton Rodriguez, 6. Andrew Durante, 8. Matt Thompson, 9. Vaughan Coveny, 10. Nick Carle, 12. Paul Okon (captain), 15. Stuart Musialik, 16. Labinot Haliti, 18. Joel Griffiths, 19. Mark Bridge, 24. Paul Kohler (one to be omitted).
In: 3. Jade North (returns from international duty), 9. Vaughan Coveny (returns from hamstring injury), 18. Joel Griffiths (returns from suspension).
Out: 13. Adam D’Apuzzo (omitted), 17. Tolgay Ozbey (omitted).
Unavailable: 4. Craig Deans (knee injury, season), 14. Jobe Wheelhouse (ankle injury, four-10 weeks), 22. Steven Old (hamstring injury, one week).
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BK's back!!!!

Agreed Crusher you are an A class bastard.

Though I can picture BK as a big fullback inspiring his team to greater deeds a'la Lucas Neill.
BK's back!!!!

There were plenty of articles about this in the lead-up to the kid's debut earlier this year.

He's pretty sh*t though. Still young, very green but the Jets just don't have a better option at the moment. They tried to sign someone, but that dude lied about his credentials and said he was a gun, when in fact he was a dud, and since then they've been stuck in a sh*t legal battle or something and can't sign another keeper.

Still, it is p*ss funny that he is playing for a Newcastle team. Especially so that they haven't won a game yet.
BK's back!!!!

Perhaps not, but it does sound like I know how to create the illusion of intelligence, so that could work in my favour.
BK's back!!!!

I've read that Socceroo second string keeper Ante Covic is headed to the Newcastle Jets. That way he will be the Socceroo keeper when Schwarzer is unavailable to travel to this part of the world. Thats if he is in form off course. Clint Bolton of Sydney FC and Danny Vukovic of Central Coast may have something to say about it. :roll:
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BK's back!!!!

3rd string

the second string keeper may have f*cked up royally in the world cup but he is still 2nd

I used to play with a guy that had he not gone to union would have been right up there, much better than ante and dumbass
BK's back!!!!

The Spider Zelko Kalac who played against Croatia has retired from international duty. He played his last game for Australia against Paraguay in Brisbane last saturday night. Four Socceroos have retired from the team. Kalac, Tony Popovic, Tony Vidmar and Stan Lazaridis. All played their last and farewell games in Brisbane last saturday night. Thats why I said Ante is now the second string keeper. I actually follow the socceroos and go to their sydney games dude.

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