BK & Brett Stewart How did they play?

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I didn't seee any of yesterdays game (lucky me) :)

Can the people who were fortunate enough to see them play. Can you give a little run down on how they went........so I can make a judgement in the all important survivor comp.
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stewart was solid,as always give him half a sniff and he scores.considering the build up for the game and the crowd i thought bk was a little flat compared to usual,to be honest considering the size of the crowd it appeared as though there was very little atmosphere at the ground until the last 5 minutes.
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BK didn't have his best game yesterday, but he did set up Stewys try with one of his offloads.

Stewy was solid, but nothing more, dropped a couple of Andrew Johns bombs but they were very very high kicks. BK's defence was its usual awsome stuff. He has the ability to monster players in defence so that they cannot slip away a second phase ball.

Agreed with the atmosphere of the crowd, considering the size of it I don't think they really influenced the match. They only really got involved when tries were scored and a couple of times when they were defending their line.
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Thanks for that it looks like Stewy was the better. Did Stewy dropping the bomb cause the knights to score a try?
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Can't recall if it led directly to a try but it did lead to another repeat set for the Knights. If you get enough repeat sets you will score, there is nothing more certain that.
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stewy dropped one and it was ruled a knock on when clearly it landed half a meter behind him and yes they did score from the ensuing set.
The Newcastle crowd know three words- Newcastle, Johns, Andrew. It's so bloody annoying.

My highlight of the match was Menzies smashing one random. It was down my end (saw nothing in the second half apart from kicks hitting the sponsors boards). He read it so beautifully, anyone else, try time (except Kennedy) .Cut the bloke in half.

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