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Bit of manly grand final trivia

Discussion in 'Rugby League Forum' started by Cameron, Sep 25, 2011.

  1. Cameron

    Cameron Cambo

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    ok so since 1970

    14 Grand Finals (including next sunday)
    1970s - 5 apperances
    1980s - 3 apperances
    1990s - 3 apperances
    2000s - 2 apperances
    2010s - 1 apperances

    then obviously 7 premierships
    1970s - 4
    1980s - 1
    1990s - 1
    2000s - 1

    With the Bulldogs we are the only clubs to win a Grand Final at the SCG, SFS and ANZ

    Churchill Medalist
    and i Think Eadie (the back dated ones)

    Oh and obviously we have the record Grand Final winning Margin but i dont remember the score ;)

    Does anyone else having any other stats
  2. Phantar

    Phantar Well-Known Member

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    Actually 6 appearances in the 1970s, two in 1978.

    Only club to appear in first grade grand finals in each decade from the 1950s onwards. This is the sixtieth anniversary of our first GF appearance, vs Souths.

    Most premiership victories of any club since 1970 and the most since the start of the so-called modern era (1967 onwards - limited tackle football started). More economic downturns have coincided with Manly premiership victories than any other club during that period. That includes the 2008 GFC, the 1987 stockmarket crash and the 'oil shocks' of 1973.

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