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It might be time for Monaghan to be gagged. Here's some quotes from THIS week regarding the club chasing Orford.

"The club hasn't spoken to me about it and to be honest I don't know what's going on." (Couldn't he just ask for a quick chat with Des Hasler after a training session or make an appointment to see Cummings??)

They never said to me why they didn't want to sign me in the first place and they still haven't told me why they want to sign Matt Orford. I'm still in the dark. (Do they have to? Is he really trying to suggest that he spends day in and day out with these men and nothing has been said? What stops him from asking, rather than running off whining to the media? Maybe the club are being kind and protecting him from the truth?)

On playing hooker: "It's not something I'm keen on doing. As captain I guess I have to do what's best for the team, but it's dissapointing." (Gee, well that sounded convincing.)

"I was pretty happy with the way I started the season and the results reflected that, but apparently it's changed over the past month or so. (Ummmmmmm, Michael, I hate to say this but they've been chasing other half backs for over 12 months now).

"I'm not sure where I stand at the moment." (Again, what stops him asking Des or the other staff when he spends a good 40 hours each week with them. Are we supposed to believe that the coach and captain don't speak?)

I think you get my drift. Dig below the statements and it raises all kind of things. Either there's a complete communication breakdwon at the club or Monaghan is being very manipulative in his dealings with the media. I lean towards the latter option.

I'm surprised it hasn't been shut down.

I think Monaghan can say his goodbyes if we sign Orford.
Looks to me like he really doesn't want to give up the number 7. I just hope that it doesn't in any way have an impact on orford coming to the club.
i really can't see what is wrong with him saying - I want to be the No 7 and not hooker- at least he's got the balls to say what he wants and not just follow the path of politically correct answers. i think he will give his all no matter where he plays ( and personnally i hope that is at hooker) but if he wants to fight it out for the number 7, well that can only be good for the club. and if that turns orford off, it means he obviusly expects a walk up start and is not prepared to give his all for the possie he wants-something the club doesn't want.
I don't buy all the crap that "the club hasn't talked to him". If I were at the BBQ I'd have taken his arm, steered him in the direction of Hasler and said, "here you go Michael - ask away".

C'mon :roll:
yeah I agree with that. the club has obviously told him of their intentions, thats why he's saying " i don't want to play hooker". if he hadn't been told why would he say it. still doesn't mean he can't say i don't want to play there.
fair enough, he's no halfback- but it's where he wants to play and he says so. I'm sure when they switch him to the 9 next season next year he'll give his all and realise what a great possie it is to play.
fair enough, he's no halfback- but it's where he wants to play and he says so. I'm sure when they switch him to the 9 next season next year he'll give his all and realise what a great possie it is to play.

It is alright to say once "Id prefer Halfback, but I will play whereever teh team needs me"{. But not contiously blurting out I havnt been told anything. I dont want hooker. etc. Once is enough and bring it back to doing it for the team.
if he doesn't want to play there he can say it as many times as he wants. this bull**** about saying the "right " thing gets a bit much. as i said i think he will give his all no matter where he plays, but what is wrong with saying what you want? that's the problem with this world nowdays, everyone feels they have to say the "right " thing. crap tell it like it is!
He has extra responsibilities as captain where he needs to put the team first.

He's not doing it and he will pay for it.
it would be very easy for him to say yeah alright for the sake of the team i'll play where i'm told. at least he is standing up and saying
' i think i'm good enough to be the 7" ( although i don't agree). i think that shows a bit more ticker than sitting back and being a pushover. it's very to always toe the line.
So what would happen if I came out and said, I don't know why my organisation is hiring a new CEO. I'm obviously the man for the job and I'm not very happy about being stuck in middle management.

And if I said it in the public arena over and over again - whilst the organisation are still trying to hire the prospective CEO.

How long would I last?
if you think your the man for the job and are not happy being stuck in middle management you say so! why would you sit back and say different?
"They haven't spoken to me, they don't tell me anything". This suggests management is incompetent or victimising him.

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