Big Kev dies!

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Gold Coast businessman "Big Kev" Kevin McQuay has died from a heart attack, his wife Michelle says.

The cleaning product marketer was 56.

Mrs McQuay said her husband died at 8.30pm (AEST) on Monday in the Allamanda Private Hospital on the Gold Coast.

Mrs McQuay said the death was a huge shock because the burly businessman, who enjoyed a colourful career, was "on the road to recovery getting healthy and getting rid of stress".

"He died of staph infection in the end - it gave him a heart attack ... it's a huge shock, it all happened quickly, it all happened within a couple of hours," Mrs McQuay said.

"It was an absolute accident - he was on the road to recovery.

"He unfortunately was on a major health kick, had lost weight and was thoroughly enjoying life - he had a big turn around and then this happened."

Mrs McQuay said the family was devastated and wanted the media to respect its privacy.

"He has left behind three beautiful sons (aged 28, 26 and 24) who totally adored him," she said.

Big Kev's Ltd - a company synonymous with loud shirts and the "I'm excited" catchphrase - joined the ranks of the Australian Stock Exchange listing in August 2001 in a process Mr McQuay described as "the people's float".

However, Big Kev's failed to make money in a notoriously competitive industry and three years later Mr McQuay opted to cut his losses and resign as chairman.

Mrs McQuay said Big Kev would be remembered as a cheery identity, who warranted a "huge big bash" after his funeral, which was yet to be finalised.
Well that is what happens when you are about 10 stone overweight
Why is it OK to JOKE about a big mans heart attack.

But not, a drug carriers execution?
funny you should mention that Byso- Big kev had a huge cocaine problem so infact there might have been a bit more to it!
because he died of natural causes!

Yeah its hypocritical, but he was put to death at anothers hands for a mistake was he?

The joke was also far from insensitive toward him or his family, where did i mention his mother?
I am sure they wouldnt but ther eis a difference in saying "and when you get excited all the time"

and saying

"dear mum wont be back for christmas, ma going to hang around singapore fore a while"

if you think mine is anywhere as insensitive then you are kidding your self champ!

Stop looking for a fight, i havent seen you walk anywhere near a win yet!
in a way yes, but there are levels. I am not hiding from that fact byso as you are!

I think there is a large difference between the 2 deaths!
see that is the difference byso, i will concede if I have to, you will fight on with absolute dribble and jsut dig deeper
no its not the first, because every time I do people make a big fuss of it!

But I havent admitted i was wrong only that I am a little hypocritical
@PJ: just wanted to acknowledge what you said.

I have heard a story or two about his antics as well, and was thinking the exact same thing you were.
Look Narc in Dans book he's a hero for liking cocaine.

He would be "experienced" after all.
yeah byso that is exactly what I said......****ing fool!

Try comprehension and stop the pointless baiting, because rather than just baiting me in you look like a complete and utter rocker!
Looks like Dan doesn't like "his words" being thrown back at him.

From what I see, you're the biggest tool in this shed!

So back to the Help desk dip stick!

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