Better late than never - Fluffsters preview

Discussion in 'Rugby League Forum' started by Fluffy, Apr 15, 2005.

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  1. Fluffy

    By:FluffyApr 15, 2005
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    Round 6 preview – Better late than never.

    After flogging Dan last week in the previews I thought that it would be unfair for those who need it to solely follow his tips for this week as well.

    Game 1: Bulldogs vs Roosters

    FNF kicks off with the highly advertised Grand final replay. My bet is Gallop wasn’t thinking it would be closer to a battle for the spoon than for premiership glory at this point in the season.

    Have teams have been highly disappointing and lacking the winning formula from 2004. It seems even the cheats suffer big time with a few key injuries.

    The roosters seem an unsettled bunch this year and things are looking bad with an email doing the rounds that will unsettle the side. I am sure that we shouldn’t say what it was. Lets just say that I think that I AM (wink wink cough initials cough) able to say that someone scored with anothers partner by kicking a Long Range (wink wink cough initials cough) field goal.

    The dodgies yet again have been fined for a salary cap breach. It shall be less of a disruption as a week where nothing happens is abnormal to them. Shrek makes his return after injury and in a poorly performing pack he will be welcomed with open arms.

    Fluffs tip – Dodgies

    Game 2: Rabbitohs vs Panthers

    Well the mixos have been mixing it up and looking a much improved team. Their stars are playing well and the youngens are looking the goods. Doesn’t mean **** all because they were so poor that they are not going to challenge too many this year – the odd upset yes, but in a year of upsets they will be down the bottom on that list. Having beaten the worst team in the comp last week they may have gained some confidence.

    Well Penrith showed they finally want to play football. Wesser has been on fire and ripping apart the opposition. Lang will be hoping for the same improvement this week – otherwise they may fall short of finals footy after some of the poorest footy from the boganvillians in the last few years.

    The rumour is that Lang has promised all new Flannos if they win this week and it should see them home.

    Fluffy’s tip – The westies.

    Game 3: Cowboys vs Tigers

    It’s a game of the giant killers – 2004 Vs 2005 to date.

    They boys have been good at home and looked very solid up until last week where they were beaten convincingly by the sharks. At home it will be a big advantage, both the crowd and the temp/humidity. There would have been many hours spent in the walker sand pit this week and they will be pumped.

    The Tigpies have 3 more wins than most have tipped. Their halves are playing well and they have beaten some big names. However these big names arnt looking like their 2004 selves. As much as they are winning I just keep looking at the roster and thinking that’s an average PL team. Then I realise that its their NRL team. They will be relying on being underestimated yet again. The tiges are only 1 good hit away from the spoon – How long can benji last?
    With a few injuries and a suspension the boys will not be at full strength.

    Fluffy’s tip – Tiges to pull another upset. Boys to under estimate them.

    Game 4: Storm vs Eels

    What can you say. Storm have been on fire at home. Eels have been crap everywhere. Brian Smith is up to his usual tricks – Making money for the bookies by ripping off parra supporters. No wonder Lyon wanted to live OS away from his wife and new kid – just to get away from that.

    Fluffy’s tip – Storm – this would be the biggest upset of the year if it were wrong

    Game 5: Knights vs Warriors

    For mine the hardest game to pick this round. First home game for Newcastle – a new stand to be opened and a big crowd expected. The warriors have been good and showing a lot of improvement. However the judiciary has culled their team in half.

    Normally the knights would have to be favourites but they are crap.

    Fluffy’s tip - Warriors

    Game 6: Sea Eagles vs Raiders

    6 in a row at home VS unbeaten 2005

    The manly boys will be hurting after last weeks result and looking to bounce back. The raiders have been good but haven’t had too much opposition. Falling into the tigers basket and being underestimated by oppositions they will now be taken seriously.

    Another 15K plus crowd at brookie will be vocal and bring the boys home

    Fluffy’s tip – Manly to give the raiders their first loss and shoot to the top of the Flipper table.

    Game 7: Dragons vs Broncos

    Broncos are at home and last week showed what they can do. However the week before they showed the other aspect to their game – they played like the Queensland scum they are. Its hard to tell if they will be focused.

    The dragons notched up their first win of the season and will be feeling good. They have their top 6 players on the paddock for the first time since 2003. All 6 are internationals.

    Fluffy’s tip – The Drags – With Ryles, Baily and Thompson in form plus Cooper and Gasnier back I think they will be too much.
  2. byso

    By:bysoApr 15, 2005
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    Good work Flufster!
  3. Stuey Davis Socks

    By:Stuey Davis SocksApr 16, 2005
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    Love your work Fluff, but the Dragons will be resting on their laurels after beating the best team in the comp - Broncos for mine.

    Took me ten minutes to edit this after 10 deliciious cold ones. hehe
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