Best ways to figure out a girls name?

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Kim Jong Dan
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Following on from the post it note thread and discussion.

I was wondering what you guys think is best method to get the girls name after you quite clearly should already know it?

Doug's trick with the phone works! But you run a risk!
Easy if your at her house. Generally there is always mail in the kitchen , so just go and get a drink or something .
Play a word game.
ie. Im Awesome Aaron , who are you?
Anyone seen the Seinfeld episode where Jerry can't remember his girlfriend's name, and she tells him that it rhymes with a part of the female body? He tried introducing her to Kramer....

Today's trivia question: what was her name?
Gronk, I was about to say something about that episode. :)

I have no idea what her name was though.
Matt, that only works if she has an unusual name or a name that can be spelt different ways

Vicky & Vicki (****, just realised I met a Vicki the other week and havent called her....ooops)

Earl your one breaks down in two situations
1 - She has a female flatmate
2 - You are at your place or a hotel!
Gronk: I believe her name was Deloros.

I agree that the phone thing is the best, but even then, well... I remember waking up one morning with some bird's number in my phone: I couldn't remember the evening at all, so I wasn't sure who it was or why it was there. I figured best to let sleeping dogs lie, but I left it in the phone just in case she had my number and she called me... at least I'd be reminded just before answering!
lol well I had to do the phone trick with Sally. And with the last two girls i have met I just said "Hey I can't remember your name," and they appreciated the honesty
UP incorrect. He tried that but her name was Delores

Yeah true.

If they get ****ty you ask them what your name is....that stumps some of them!

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