Best team from past 20 years

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I was bored last night and put together my best team from the past twenty years- most on this site should be able to do the same ( I sure some could probably do teams from alot further back but most should be able to put together one from the past 20 years).
10. Roberts

I'm sure there will be a few players I have forgot...
In terms of wingers we were a bit dry but love him or hate him Hoppa has the runs on the board.
Elsegood was a bit of a one sesaon wonder but he was great to watch in full flight so he just edged out the likes of Moore and Hancock (that is Craig- a very under rated winger).
In the centres Snoz was a shoe in and Hill just edged out Innes. Although I think Innes was probably a better alround centre Hill has probably served us better.
Menzies,Cliffy, Des and Tooves pick themself.
Kosef was a champion and very versitile.
Cleal could nearly pick himself as well.
Roberts and Caroll- not a bad prop combo- very hard.
I know Kennedy hasn't been here long but he has already made his presence known and I was tempted to start him!
Gillespie...would you want to be tackled by him???
Gartner- champion who went to England too early.
Watmough...had to pick him.

CLOSE TO MAKING IT: Vautin (I'm going to get crucified for not picking him), Kevin Ward (for his effort in the 87 GF) Hancock, Shearer, B Stewart (too early in career), Innes (awesome centre-solid as a rock...wish we had someone like him now).

Now I'm sure I've left someone important out so I'll post this and wait for someone to point this out to me!
7.adam brown

17.iro k
Classic- I'd throw T.Iro in too- for every good thing he did, he managed to follow up with five stupid things!
I'd rather Kevin on his day than Tony
who is a dumber footballer, tony iro or handbags harris ? hows that error count going ? imagine both in same team ?

re the best team, id probably have Tooves at half and Dessie at Hooker ? but thats as close to six of one, half dozen of the other as you will get.

Craig Hankock was a great solid, no mistake winger for a long while, but Jack was brilliant on his day, but a bit like donald, didnt do much except run well in the clear. If i had my house on the game id pick hancock.

Jesus, what am i saying ! Dale Shearer has to be in the 13 somewhere, Hancock just got punted, Shearer out of position on the wing , bye craig.
even though it was more than 20 years. Bob fulton should still get a start :D
How could any top Manly team leave out the Bomb Thrower, my all time Manly great!!! I think he just fits into the 20 year time frame. Innes would be in my side ahead of Hill.

I would have Rowdy Shearer in the team ahead of Elsegood and Hoppa - Craig Hancock would be in my team too as he was a superb winger who was very underrated.

Sue left David Ronson and Phil Daley out of his team!!! Mind you Phil was more effective than some of our current Props!

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