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Best Tanking EVER?

Discussion in 'Rugby League Forum' started by EagleHaus, Sep 6, 2014.

  1. EagleHaus

    EagleHaus Member

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    I call best coaching manouvre ever.

    1. toovs said MP means SFA with no advantage as it used to be with top 5 scenario, says to me they were willing to let it slip if it was in their interests to do so.
    2. we win tonight we most likely play the purple scum on Friday night, who in my opinion are playing the best out of all the teams in the semis, they were very unlucky not to get win over rorters, by losing we relagate them to bottom 4 effectively taking them out without playing them
    3. we lose tonight we get extra 2 days to play on Sunday and also boost crowd support.
    4. Snake could have played but was rested as he is our no1 asset in the finals, we struggled in last year finals until he returned - first it was rolled ankle, post match foz said he pulled up sore ( hammy?) then toovs said in the presser that he had a toe problem... clearly not everyone read the memo
    5. we lose tonight vermin will think we are busted with uncertainty over stewart (cue mind games) and that they have already beaten us like last year ( cue choke)
    6. vermin had way more physical game than we did and will play into our hands towards the back end of the semi.
    7. vermin IMO would have risen to beat the rorters (to not lose 2 weeks in a row) if they had played next week leaving the potential of us facing rorters in the GF qualifier, i think our chance of beating the rorters is only if we face them in the GF where we would throw everything at them and be driven by last years loss

    wishful thinking ... maybe , but in toovs shoes with all scenarios laid out,would you not do the best for the team that needs to be smart about jockeying for a position without a full team to play with?

    here comes the manly are gooone articles while we wait for the ambush nicely under the radar.

    time will tell ... cant wait for next week myself
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    • Brooke

      Brooke Well-Known Member

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      Interesting what you say and would love for it to be correct . But just doesn't explain every 50 50 call went against us and King playing too may minutes and Chee Cham too few. Oh and Jorge in the first half , terrible. Why would DCE kick out on the full? Has his own pride.
    • EagleHaus

      EagleHaus Member

      +29 /3
      DCE has the odd kicking error in him.. not everything could have been scripted.. toovs didnt seem too concerned like a team about to drop out of the title race as everyone will be thinking
    • EagleHaus

      EagleHaus Member

      +29 /3
      DCE has the odd kicking error in him.. not everything could have been scripted.. toovs didnt seem too concerned like a team about to drop out of the title race as everyone will be thinking
    • NYEagle

      NYEagle Well-Known Member

      +1,359 /84
      EagleHaus great post very thought out and thought provoking.
      It may be the only possible explanation for the egg they laid tonight.
      But isn't the 2vs3 game meant to be Friday night?. God I hope not.

      To give your theory some legs I thought the Cowboys were ripe for the picking after the tough Monday night and looked pretty crap in the first half - but Manly seemed determined to play even worse and just threw the ball around and gave up possession at will (12 offloads to 3 wow).
      A team wanting to win would have played conservative in the first half and held the ball to build pressure and wear them down. Manly didn't even try to play like that.

      Very very strange.

      The glimmer of hope I can see is based on what we saw last year when they went from a clunky and silly loss against Penrith to an absolute ripper effort against the Roosters the following week.
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      • StuBoot

        StuBoot Well-Known Member 2017 Tipping Competitor

        +967 /9
        The Cows play the numbers game better than anyone in the comp and their last month has been phenomenal.
        Look at tonight, I'd say 4 out 5 sets was hit up for the first 4 tackles then let JT play it as he sees it, pretty easy to complete sets when that happens - they completed 100% v the bunnies a few weeks ago in the first half.
        Green has got them believing and JT mentioned in post match that it's taken them a while to get used to his structures.
        Taumalolo is their key - he always seems to get some big metres just when they really need it, his form over the past two months has been the difference - and JT never gives up and he knows his time is running out to win a comp.

        At 30-10 they tried to put us to the sword and should have but we hung in even though it was beyond us.
      • Merdy33

        Merdy33 Active Member

        +86 /2
        I'm not sure how deliberate a tanking it was, but if we can cut out the dumb errors and play to our ability, there are certainly some advantages in losing last night
      • eaglebuzz

        eaglebuzz Well-Known Member

        +1,513 /91
        Our first 2 tries looked effortless, even without Stewart playing.

        Simple things like holding the ball, contesting bombs, and competing in the forwards are the only things holding us back.

        Hopefully they lift for the finals, otherwise there'll need to be a few average years while the forward pack gets rebuilt and we source a new fullback.
      • mickqld

        mickqld Sack Greenslime 2017 Tipping Competitor

        +4,609 /97
        We didn't tank. Simply we aren't up to it at the moment. We are deserving of a place around 6 or 7 and that's where we will finish.
      • susan

        susan Well-Known Member

        +2,357 /56
        Yes great plan.Lose and get a match with a weakened pack against the biggest forward pack in the comp who steamrolled us 3 weeks ago with a short turnaround.....also anyone who thinks the cowgirls were good last night needs to get back on their medication quickly.


        +2,200 /103
        Only problem is we will be playing on Friday, a day earlier than had we won.
      • susan

        susan Well-Known Member

        +2,357 /56
        Nothing to play for is so ridiculous....panthers or cowgirls at SFS or bunnies with a weak pack in their own back yard outnumbering us 3 to 1 after destroying our pack a couple of weeks ago...

        Last night was HUGE.
      • niccipops

        niccipops un echidna spillo mia bevanda Premium Member 2017 Tipping Competitor

        +5,991 /53
        There's no way the team deliberately tried to lose last night, at least not the players on the field.
        They players made too many errors and did not have the size or grunt to combat the big metre eating forwards.
        Our kicking game was totally off.
        I don't know the penalty count but the cows seemed to get one every time they had the ball.
        The cows scored 5 tries to 3.
        I actually think Manly scrambled well to keep the score to this. It could have been a cricket score.
        Toovey had to been thinking further into the competition but losing last night was not part of the plan.
        We are up against it now. The bunnies will be well rested after no travel and 4 extra days to prepare. This in itself is extremely unfair in a game of such magnitude. There suspended players will be back. The walking off the mark will be constant.
        Half our team will still be on the bench. If Snake and BJ play we are a chance but it will be against the odds.
        Manly have been known to rise against the odds so we can hope and give them our support.
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        • Chip and Chase

          Chip and Chase True Supporter Staff Member Administrator Premium Member 2017 Tipping Competitor

          +7,666 /61
          A good indication of how bad we were last night was that we made Robert Lui look like a world beater. Our defence in our own 20 was diabolical, being flat footed or back pedalling that close to your line is a death sentence and we got hanged last night, especially our left edge
        • the mauler

          the mauler Well-Known Member Premium Member 2017 Tipping Competitor

          +1,868 /30
          That try came on the back of 3 sets in a row. Just no petrol left in the tank.
          Can't win with only 40% of the pill, especially with half your team out.

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