Best Ever Manly Hookers

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haha apologies for the almighty bump of an old thread, just thought it would be interesting to see people's thoughts pre Matty and now
all good Baz. No need to apologise mate. It's a good bump tbh.
For the record, MB is definitely up there.


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Lol, I'm hopeless at checking post dates and read the whole front page thinking "Can't believe no one's mentioned Ballin!"
I seen the end of Krilich's career, so going off that, old highlights and opinions of older fans, I'd go with Krilich. Ballin and Cochrane definitely two of my favourites though.

bob dylan

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Ray Brown was a better player than Krilich. But Max was Max and none ever questioned his spot, he earned everything that came his way by serving a long apprenticeship.

Max played over 100 games in reserve grade, but he never left, never quit, never threw a tantrum. Just waited 5 or 6 years for Fred Jones to retire.

The Times They Have A-Changed.
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Terry Zarsoff

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So no one else has heard of Kevin Schubert? 19 tests for Australia, whilst playing both in Wollongong and for Manly-Warringah during the CLub's early days.

Schubert, Jones and Krilich (and probably Cochrane) were our greatest hooker forwards, when that still meant something. Ballin will probably be there by the time he retires, but as we know the 'hooking' is not really part of the deal anymore.

Brown and Gray only filled the position briefly and/or sporadically, although there is no denying their respective abilities.

Peter C

Horses for courses, if all the hookers played in the same era, Ballin would be ahead, but I suppose for achievement during his time, then I reckon Krillich.

Captain Moondog

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With Malcolm Frasers passing it reminds me of when he was introduced to Freddy Jones at the Time and Tide...
Media flunky: Mr Fraser, this is Fred Jones captain of Manly Sea Eagles rugby league team.
Fraser: Pleased to meet you Fred, what do you do for a living?
Fred: I'm a wharfie.
Fraser: I've got a lot of friends who are wharfies.
Fred: I don't f**king know any of them.
For this reason alone Fred is our greatest hooker.
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Canteen Worker

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Bomb-thrower by streets. Not only did he sit behind Fred Jones as the second best hooker in the comp for ages, he starred at International level as a key member of the Immortals, going on two undefeated Kangaroo tours to England. Great clubman as well who was pivotal to two premierships for Manly. Great leader.

Captain Moondog

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I used to love seeing scrums being won against the feed. Oh for the days when the scrum was a contest. Old school hookers must find the game hard to watch these days.


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Yeah, yeah, Max K @ numero uno. But you guys are sending me back down memory lane. Ohh how the years have flown since that treasured moment when Fred scored Manly's opening try under the posts in the '72 GF. Right in front of me! Don't let anyone tell you he lost control of the ball - HE DIDN'T!. And then it was Freddy again who gave Bozo the 'no look' Flick Pass in the '73GF. He was a wiley ol' thing. Classit old fashion footballer.

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Most probably a good reason the salary cap was brought in, when we had the bombthrower in first grade and Brown being paid megabucks to play reserves. Would have to have Ballin at number one. Really showed in last year's semis what happens when you take an 80 minute, 40-50 tackle player out of the side. Will always remember the 2011Gf when the Warriors were coming home with 5 minutes to go. MB dived on a loose ball right in front of where I was sitting and I knew we were home. In my top 5 all time favs.


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Yes, we have been very lucky to have had, and still have, quality hookers. No coincidence that because of that, we have had lots of success since Freddys time.

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