Best Debut In A Long Time

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Reserve Grader
For years, he has been plying his trade in the Premier League team, yet never getting a shot at the big time. For years, fans from Brookvale to Dubbo have been questioning the Manly management, wondering why such a talent never got the opportunity. Most had resigned to the fact he'll never play First Grade and be snatched up by another club.

Then on Saturday the 24th of March 2007, due to injuries to Steve Menzies, Steve Matai and Matt Orford, he finally gets the call-up.

And he made all 4 minutes count.

Clint Halden, I salute you! :drunk:
And didn't he look good for those 4 minutes. At least 2 hit ups and no errors.

What a champion. What depth we have.
i felt sorry for the bloke, but what can you do? Strong performances from Ballin, Burns and Mona's tonight
A weird selection from Hasler. Have a bench player and only play said player for five minutes. Was this a joke? Who had he anticipated would have a ****e game? Go Dessie.
I don't think it was weird. You needed someone to cover Monas/Ballin. Especially Ballin - no way you want the guy on debut to have the pressure of having to play 80min. With a backup he can relax. Also if Monas was struggling you could give him a rest.

The fact that he didn't come on was a testament to how well Ballin especially and Monas played. But I think it was sensible coaching.

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